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Cleaning Water Pipelines

Introduction Water is the source of life, and our bodies can’t work without it. A normal person drinks between 2,000 and 3,000 milliliters of water

Table of Water Pipe Dimensions

Dimensions DN15(1/2“)、DN20(3/4 “)、DN25(1 “)、DN32(1 1/4)、DN40(1 1/2”)、DN50(2”)、DN65(2 1/2”)、DN80(3”)、DN100(4”)、DN125(5”)、DN150(6”)、DN200(8”)、DN250(10 “)etc. Inches are indicated by two strokes in the upper right corner, such as 1/2″ Water Pipe Material

What Is Water Disinfection?

Trihalomethane, mainly chloroform, was detected in tap water in Holland (ROOK) and America (BELLER) in 1974.So far, 2221 kinds of organics harmful to human health

Is Pure Water Harmful?

What is Pure Water? Pure water refers to the H₂O without impurities, It is pure, clean, and does not contain impurities or bacteria water, such

Does Water Have a Shelf Life?

Does Water Expire? Have you ever noticed that all the bottled water has an expiration date on it? But you probably haven’t heard that nature’s

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