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Dealer Program

Thank you very much for your interest in Joygino Water Manager water pipe cleaning machine. We value your support and sincerely hope to work together with you in your local market.

Joygino Water Manager dealers are able to opt-in at different opening orders and annual ongoing sales amounts depending on their particular business model. Your water pipe cleaning machine sales person will identify the appropriate opt-in and annual ongoing required sales amounts. applicable to your specific needs.

Water Manager dealers Can Enjoy

Discounted pricing

On-site representation for special events

Access to Water Manager catalogs, banners, and flyers

Dealer status requirements

24/7 Hours Technical support

water pipe cleaning machine agent

How To Become Our Dealer?

In order to become our officianlly dealer, pls contact with us and then simply submit these required documents:

  • A completed Joygino Water Manager Dealer Application
  • A copy of your business license
  • Your Marketing Planning
  • Finally, work with the Joygino Water Manager sales team to write your opening order.

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