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We know that you have many questions and problems before you start the pipe cleaning project, including the operation of the machine, the principle, how to deal with after-sales problems, etc.


General Questions

Our machine cleans the pipeline mainly through the high-frequency pulse, but not the high pressure, usually, there will be only 3-5 bars pressure during working. And most of our machines have a high-pressure alarm and shut-down protection. You can also use the pressure regulator to adjust the pressure from the air compressor to ensure security.

Yes, our machine needs to work with an air pump compressor to work, you can buy it from us or purchase it from your local directly.

Our pipe cleaner can not only clean the pipes near the tap but also any part of the whole pipe. Many customers saw the video of dirty water coming out of the tap and thought that they could only clean the water pipe near the tap. In fact, they did not. Our machine cleans the whole pipe together, but only because the water pipe in the home is not transparent, it’s impossible to film, and the dirty water comes out of the tap, so some customers may misunderstand

We provide with 2 year warranty for all of our water pipe cleaning machine.

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It takes 1-2 hours to clean apartment around 100 ㎡; and 2-4 hours for villa and luxurious house(including time for dissolving citric acid).

It depends on the water quality of the area. Generally, once a year is enough. If a whole-house filter system is installed, once in 2-3 years is also acceptable.

Currently, most families use water purification device to purify drinking water. But 97% of everyday domestic water usage for brushing teeth, showering and cooking is neglected. Installing water filtration devices can only filter the large particles, but not bacteria, heavy metals or other toxic matters. Cleaning pipes can not only remove harmful substances in the pipe, but also prolong the life-span of the filter cartridge.

The water in main pipes are in a flowing state with rapid flow and high pressure, which also has the effect of flushing the inner wall. While the household pipes stay still almost all the time and the flowing pace is slow with low pressure, which makes it easier to generate mosses and deposits. Iron pipes could be oxidized during the time, and moss can be bred in plastic pipes.

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It is required to chlorinate the tap water. During the process, chlorine will have a chemical reaction with organics like moss and generate volatile halogenated hydrocarbons, which is proven to be mutagenic and carcinogenic, some are even teratogenic and neurovirulent, causing neoplasm in liver, kidney and intestine. What’s more, these products can not be purified. Therefore, we can effectively reduce the incidence of cancer by removing the precursor in the pipes and greatly reducing the formation of halogenated hydrocarbon compounds.

Everyone knows that iron pipe will get rusty, but PP-R plastic pipe is safer instead? In fact, this is a misconception. After using PP-R plastic pipe for a period of time, the inner wall of the pipe is seriously polluted, which is the breeding ground for bacteria and Legion Ella, which has become a new health killer and potential threat to our life.

In 2002, when the PP-R plastic pipe began to be popularized in Chinese families, a report from Beijing Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention  showed that the total number of bacteria in domestic PPR pipes was countless. The number of Legion Ella type 1 and type 5 was astonishing, which exceeds the number in the banned galvanized pipe. The results of laboratory tests on the water quality were as follows: 28 bacteria and 16 metal elements, with the number of iron, manganese, zinc, lead and mercury which exceeds the prescribed limit.

Tongji University, Tsinghua University, Shanghai Water purification Association, International Copper Industry Association (China), Wuhan Research Institute of bacteria of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc., have all stated that the PPR plastic pipe itself is non-toxic and conforms to the hygienic requirements, but the PPR plastic pipe has no self-cleaning function and bactericidal function. Under the special circumstance of domestic


water consumption, the pollution of water source, the backward technology of waterworks as well as the outmoded and unreasonable pipe network, the household PPR water pipe becomes the place for second pollution and for breeding bacteria , which seriously threatens the health of human body.

A recent report on the health of some Chinese cities has revealed that the massive increase in diseases and cancers is related to the quality of domestic tap water and to the wrong choice of piping materials.

No, whether the water pipe is dirty or not, can’t be judged simply by the color of water. If the water pipe is made of iron or lead, the water coming out after cleaning will be very dirty, but if it is the plastic or stainless steel pipe, the color of the water will be white and turbid or light green. A lot of bacteria and algae can also be bred, and the water is still dirty and the pipe still needs to be cleaned.

No, the water softener doesn’t clean the pipes.

The water softener is a house-wide filtration system that removes large particles of sediment, bacteria, microbes, rust, sand, and heavy metals from household water to prevent harmful substances from harming the human body, especially well water, hard water, and so on has the very good coarse effect filtration function.

But the water softener is mainly for water, not pipes. Since domestic water is at rest most of the time, it is very easy to produce bacteria, scale, etc., it’s gonna clog the pipes.

If you need to clean water pipes, or regular appointment of professional water pipe cleaning services, at least once every 6-8 months, so not only to ensure the health of water but also to extend the service life of domestic water pipes.

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