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Why should the water supply pipes be cleaned? ...... Why seeking the best pipe cleaning solution? ...

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How is the Inside of the Water Supply Pipes Line After Years?

The cleanness of the drinking water pipeline has been ignored for a long time. Can you imagine how is the inside after years of use?
Actually, the domestic water supply pipes have a small diameter, slow-flowing speed, and it is in a static state for a long time at night, which makes it easier to breed various types of bacteria.

No matter what kind of pipe material, PVC, PPR, copper, iron, GI, stainless steel, or other material pipes.
Major pollution sources like moss, rust, viruses, bacteria, incrustation, heavy metal, etc. will attach to the inner wall of the pipeline over time. The water flowing outlooks clean, but the water supply pipelines may not be the same.

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What is the best pipe cleaning solution?

Mention to the best pipe cleaning solution, most people will think of the high-pressure water jetter, but this is not suitable for domestic water supply pipelines, the high pressure might cause the burst pipe during cleaning.

The pipeline cleaning methods we use are mainly high-frequency mixed with food-grade citric acid.

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What is water pipeline cleaning technology you use?

The water pipeline cleaning technology we use is a high-frequency spiral pulse, combined with food-grade citric acid cleaning. Joygino water pipe cleaner generates water vapor mixed with 360-degree pulse wave flushes the pipe.

The whole process is safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly. The commercial water pipe cleaning machine is suitable for various pipes made of different materials.

Why Choosing Food Grade Citric Acid As the Chemical?

Citric acid is a natural component that can be found in the human body, as well as in many fruits and vegetables. citric acid is one of the main ingredients found in the food and beverage industry because it is healthy, cheap, adds flavor, and can easily be obtained in large quantities. It can soften the dirt and disinfect the bacteria during water pipe cleaning procedures.

Note.: If your customer worries about the safety of citric acid a lot, you can don’t use any chemical at all.

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Citric Acid Pulse Pipeline Cleaning Procedure

citric acid pulse pipeline cleaning procedure

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