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Cold& Hot Water Pipe Cleaning, condensor tube cleaning, Simple Operation & Significant cleaning effect

Water Pipe Cleaner, Water Pipe Cleaning Equipment

RX-3000 is a revolutionary machine, based purely on physics principles to clean domestic & commercial water pipelines in a healthy, safe, and efficient manner. We use an improved version of our own-developed  Technique CACS whereby we use vacuum and water and food-grade citric acid. Relying on air and water as the medium, there will be a vibration inside the pipes, the moss, bacterial, heavy metals, dirt, iron, and deposit scales will be peeled off layer by layer and quickly discharged from the pipes with the tap water.
Except for the pipelines, our equipment can also clean the water heater and floor heating system, heat and cold exchange system (floor heating, central air conditioning, mold waterway, beverage producing equipment, and so on).

Our Technology

We have our patented pipeline cleaning technology “CACS”, which has been widely tested and used in Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Malaysia.

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  • Super Mode: an automatic adaptation of pulse frequency according to pipeline conditions;
  • System Update: one-click activation & USB update/repair in case of any software problem;
  • 7-inch G+G capacitive touch screen (the same material as iPhone screen);
  • Venting hole at the bottom;
  • High-pressure alarm system to prevent a pipe burst;
  • The LED light in the front shows the different working status in different colors;
  • With a storage case for remote control;
  • Reinforce non-slipped rubber handle

Why Choose RX-3000 In Various Water Pipe Cleaning Machines?

High Pressure Alarm and Shutup System

alarm value set
● High-pressure protection, when the pressure reaches the set value, automatically pause and stop working.
● The alarm value can be set according to the local water pressure

System Repair/ Update Cleaning Data Management

cleaning record for Pulse set for pipe cleaning machine for sale
● USB port for repair or upgrade the system in case of any software problem.
● Cleaning times calculation and detailed on/off time and duration, can be checked selectively

Super Mode ( Circulation Cleaning)

Pulse set for pipe cleaning machine for sale
● Super Model: cycle cleaning by the high, medium, and low pulse frequency) ; clean the water supply pipe more.
● Set the frequency freely according to the pipes situation.

NOTE: The panel will come with full English

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Connection Diagram

Note: You may connect our water pipe cleaner to any water valves. The best location we recommend is near to the main water valves. Below are the connection guide pictures, for your reference.

How To Clean Water Supply Pipes? What Is the Pipeline Chemical Cleaning Procedure?

Our water pipe cleaner is smart and simple to operate, we promise you can master it in 1 day regularly.

pipeline chemical cleaning procedure

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Option A: Water Pipeline Cleaning Equipment+ Accessories

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Option B: Water Pipeline Cleaning Equipment+ Accessories+ Air compressor

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