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About High-Frequency Impulse Pipeline Cleaning Technology

spiral pulse

The water pipeline cleaning technology we use is a high-frequency spiral pulse, combined with food-grade citric acid cleaning. The Joygino water pipe cleaner generates water vapor, mixed with a 360-degree pulse wave, which flushes the pipe.

The whole process is safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly. The commercial water pipe cleaning machine is suitable for various pipes made of different materials.

pipeline cleaning technology

Based on water and air as medium, this is a new pipeline cleaning technology that creates high-frequency pulses through the high-frequency pulse generator.  The technology can perform the rapid cleaning of the inner wall of the pipe by high-frequency oscillation, a water hammer effect, spiral ring cleaning, microbubble blasting, and other different ways. The technology is mainly used in the water supply pipeline, cold and heat exchange system (floor heating, medium temperature), Central air conditioning, mold temperature machine, mold waterway, beverage production equipment, etc.).



There are no harmful effects during cleaning, nor do you need to use any chemicals at all.


the whole cleaning process doesn't rely on high pressure as does the regular pipe cleaning machine, the pressure in the pipeline is only 3-5 bars during cleaning, so there is no burst pipe risk at all.

Simple Operation

you don't need to dismantle the water pipes or to break the walls, you just need to connect our machines to the water valves.


Our water pipe cleaning equipment can clean the water pipes of an approximately 100 square meter apartment within 40 mins. ( Including the 15 min, food-grade citric acid soaking time)

What Is the Detailed Pipeline Chemical Cleaning Procedure/ Pipeline Cleaning Procedure? 

pipeline chemical cleaning procedure

Water Pipe Cleaning Equipment Connection Diagram

chiller tube cleaning equipment

Note.: You can connect the water pipe cleaning machines at any tap or water valve in the house, you can use the quick connect to connect it, the cleaning effect will be the same.

Cleaning Effects

The cleaning rate of our water pipe cleaning equipment can reach 90%, the cleaning rate varies according to the pipes situation

dirt in different materials water pipes
applicable water pipes material

Applicable Pipes Material

Generally speaking, Joygino pipe cleaners can clean all kinds of water pipes, such as PPR, PVC, iron, GI, copper, SS, and other material pipelines.

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Suitable Places

apartment, house, restaurant, hotel, school, hospital, factory, villa, etc.

About Food Grade Citric Acid

The main functions of food-grade citric acid during the water pipe cleaning technology procedure are as follows:

  • Soften: citric acid can soften the dirt and disinfect the bacteria.
  • Insecticides: because citric acid destroys bacteria, fungus, moss, and viruses, it is used in insecticides and disinfectants.

The citric acid we use is food-grade, it does not harm the inside side of the pipeline, the main function of the citric acid is to soften the dirt and disinfect the bacteria.

Proportion:  It takes only 1 kg of citric acid to clean a suite of about 100 square meters. The ratio is 1 kg of citric acid to 15 L of water.

Food-grade Citric Aicd Pipe Cleaner Chemical
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Citric acid is a natural component that can be found in the human body, as well as in many fruits and vegetables. When present in the body, this chemical goes through the process of being metabolized, degraded, and eliminated. Although it is an acid, it has the ability to decrease the level of acidity in body fluids. Furthermore, citric acid is one of the main ingredients found in the food and beverage industry because it is healthy, cheap, adds flavor, and can easily be obtained in large quantities.

food grade citric acid is the best acids for cleaning plumbing pipes.


  • Because citric acid is hard to export,  it has not been included in the water pipe cleaning kit. We advise that you buy it from your local hardware store, it’s easy to get in most of the countries and areas.
  • If your customer worries about the food-grade citric acid, you do not need to use any chemicals or you may also use your local pipeline cleaning chemical to clean it, the cleaning effect will also be good.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it Safe Enough During Cleaning? Might Burst Pipe?

Our machine cleans the pipeline mainly through the high-frequency pulse, but not the high pressure, usually, there will be only 3-5 bars pressure during working. And most of our machines have a high-pressure alarm and shut-down protection. You can also use the pressure regulator to adjust the pressure from the air compressor to ensure security.

2. Your water pipe cleaner should be used with the air compressor, right?

Yes, our machine needs to work with an air pump compressor to work, you can buy it from us or purchase it from your local directly.

3. Does your machine only clean the pipes near the tap? What about the rest of the pipes?

Our pipe cleaner can not only clean the pipes near the tap but also any part of the whole pipe. Many customers saw the video of dirty water coming out of the tap and thought that they could only clean the water pipe near the tap. In fact, they did not. Our machine cleans the whole pipe together, but only because the water pipe in the home is not transparent, it’s impossible to film, and the dirty water comes out of the tap, so some customers may misunderstand

4. What is your warranty?

We provide with 2 year warranty for all of our water pipe cleaning machine.

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