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Do You Really Think Tap Water Is Clean?

The household water supply pipe has small diameter and slow flow rate. Furthermore, water is in a static state for a long time at night, which makes it easier to breed various types of bacteria.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, our machine can actually clean the whole pipe at once, but the pipe is not transparent, the video and pictures can’t show the process visually, and the dirty water comes from the tap, so some customers will misunderstand

For all of the pipe cleaning machines from us, we provide with 2 Yrs warranty.

Furthermore, the defective rate of our machine is lower to 0.01% so far, we are confidence you will satisfy with our products.

In case the machine need to return to repair for quality problem under the warranty period, the shipping cost will be beared by us.

Of course, our equipment uses the most advanced water pipe cleaning technology, without food grade citric acid, and the cleaning effect is also very good. One of the functions of our machine is to clean the water heater, which does not need citric acid at all

1. Our machine clean the pipe through the high frequency pulse, but not high pressure, the pressure is only 2.5 to 3 KG , so it won’t break the pipes.

2. There are accurate leak detection function for our machine, if there are minus or very slight pipe problem, it will tell you leak detection failed, so you can choose not to clean if failed.

3. Our machine have the high pressure shut up and alarming system, once the pressure reach the pressure value you set, it will stop working and alarming.


Currently, most families use water purification device to purify drinking water. But 97% of everyday domestic water usage for brushing teeth, showering and cooking is neglected. Installing water filtration devices can only filter the large particles, but not bacteria, heavy metals or other toxic matters. Cleaning pipes can not only remove harmful substances in the pipe, but also prolong the life-span of the filter cartridge.

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