Environmental Hard Water Homemade Water Pipe Cleaner Machine

RX-1800 is our classic water pipe cleaner, suitable for both residential & commercial water pipeline cleaning services, condenser tube cleaning, electric heater cleaning, floor heating cleaning, and other pipeline cleaning services.

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DC24V 3.5A/ 84W

Leak Detection Accuracy



Aluminum Alloy, SS 304#

Operate Method

Touch Screen/ Remote Control

Details about Environmental Hard Water Homemade Water Pipe Cleaner Machine

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Comparison of Cleaning Methods

MethodPros and Cons
Dismantle & replaceHigh cost, easy to damage the wall, long construction cycle
Refurbish the external auxiliary pipeAffects the artistic appearance, easy to damage the wall, high construction cost
Use ozone for cleaningsterilization ability is strong, but will accelerate oxidation, reduce the pipe life, cleaning time is long
CACS pipeline cleaning TechnologyLow cost, high efficiency, environmental protection, safety, energy saving

Frequently Asked Questions

Food-grade citric acid is recommended to be used to efficiently soften the stubborn dirt and get a better cleaning effect.  It is a weak acid that is also added to the drinking and food, which is harmless to the water pipe, water, or human body and can be completely flushed out by the water.
It is also effective if you only use warm water to soften the dirt and clean the water pipes.
You can don’t use it if your customer concerns about it a lot.

For only one set of equipment, the max size is 1.5 inches.
As to the larger diameter, please contact us first, our technicians will provide a solution after analyzing the detailed situation.

No, pipe bursting won’t happen. Leak detection is required before cleaning. And you can set the alarm value, pressure input value according to your local water pressure.

For the old pipe, lower pressure and medium/low-frequency pulse are recommended. You can set it freely.

We advise once every 8 -12 months at least.

Yes, we do, and you can custom the language according to your needs if your Qty is big.

Yes, we have professional English-speaking technical operators to guide you once you received it. Furthermore, we have a demo video, very detailed manual material to help you.

Yes.  As we all know, pollution is getting worse now. The quality of tap water is not very good. And if the pipes are not cleaned for a long time, macrocytosis, bacterial virus, Escherichia coli, enterovirus can be easily bred in the water. In the meanwhile, heavy metals like lead, arsenic, cadmium, and mercury. would contaminate the water and endanger our health. It even blocks the water pipe, causing a lower water flow.

It can clean all the pipes in the house, including hot and cold water pipes in the bathroom and kitchen, and the water supply pipe for the washing machine. In terms of a singular house, there are at least 11 pipes that need to be cleaned. The higher the floor is, the longer the pipes (which need to be cleaned) will be.

The pipes in the new house might be clean and free of sediment or moss, but there is a lot of dust left during the construction. Besides, there are cementing compounds, oil stains and other chemical remains, which are not only smelly but also harmful to the human body.

It takes 1-2 hours to clean apartment around 100 ㎡; and 2-4 hours for villa and luxurious house(including time for dissolving citric acid).

The water in the main pipes are in a flowing state with rapid flow and high pressure, which also has the effect of flushing the inner wall. While the household pipes stay still almost all the time and the flowing pace is slow with low pressure, which makes it easier to generate mosses and deposits. Iron pipes could be oxidized during the time, and moss can be bred in plastic pipes.

Everyone knows that iron pipe will get rusty, but PP-R plastic pipe is safer instead? In fact, this is a misconception. After using PP-R plastic pipe for a period of time, the inner wall of the pipe is seriously polluted, which is the breeding ground for bacteria, and Legion Ella, which has become a new health killer and potential threat to our life.

In 2002, when the PP-R plastic pipe began to be popularized in Chinese families, a report from Beijing Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention showed that the total number of bacteria in domestic PPR pipes was countless. The number of Legion Ella type 1 and type 5 was astonishing, which exceeds the number in the banned galvanized pipe. The results of laboratory tests on the water quality were as follows: 28 bacteria and 16 metal elements, with the number of iron, manganese, zinc, lead, and mercury which exceeds the prescribed limit.

Tongji University, Tsinghua University, Shanghai Water purification Association, International Copper Industry Association (China), Wuhan Research Institute of bacteria of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc., have all stated that the PPR plastic pipe itself is non-toxic and conforms to the hygienic requirements, but the PPR plastic pipe has no self-cleaning function and bactericidal function. Under the special circumstance of domestic water consumption, the pollution of water source, the backward technology of waterworks as well as the outmoded and unreasonable pipe network, the household PPR water pipe becomes the place for the second pollution and for breeding bacteria, which seriously threatens the health of the human body.

A recent report on the health of some Chinese cities has revealed that the massive increase in diseases and cancers is related to the quality of domestic tap water and to the wrong choice of piping materials.

Demonstration Video

Our machine is simple to operate, you can master it in only 1 day. Furthermore, our technical operators will guide you to use it after you receiving it.

Product Display

RX-1800 has the classic suitcase shape, durable mechanical pressure gauge, SS304 connectors, high leak detection accurancy etc.

Cleaning Cases

Our machine can efficiently clean out the scale, moss, heavy metals, iron, big particles, bacteria, sediment and other dirts from the water pipes.

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  1. Philip Ngu

    Looks very good for my 3 storey house in Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia. My house is 25 years old has has rusty iron pipe.Who has buy this equipment from you ? I want him to do the cleaning for me

    • Jennifer Wang

      Sure, I will send their contact information to your email soon.

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