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citric acid pipe cleaning

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Many people learned the citric acid pipe cleaning projects from youtube,which is actually a promising prospect, with relatively good income and a development project. As a good small start-up project, the  water pipe cleaning project has the following advantages:

1.Large demand and a huge market.

The rust, scale, and dirt deposited in the water pipe may cause secondary water pollution and affect people’s normal use of water. Many people have found that the faucet water flow becomes slow, yellow water flows out with a bad smell. They even feel dry and itchy after every bath, and rust water, moss, and red thread insects also flow out. The demand for cleaning dirty water pipes is obvious.

2.The investment in water pipe cleaning venture project is less, but high operability.

To buy cleaning equipment, one-time investment is around 2000USD only, consumables are very low, only transportation and labor costs; simple operation, no gender, age, education level requirements; one person can operate; no need to rent an office even; You can do the cleaning business as part-time work as a plumber. At the same time, you can provide other services, such as housekeeping, installation, property management, etc.

3.Advanced water pipe cleaning technology

Rx-3000 use CACS water pipe cleaning technology is low-pressure cleaning. Compared with high-pressure cleaning, low-pressure cleaning pressure is 0.2-0.3mpa, which is equivalent to water supply pressure, safe, and no pipe burst. Moreover, the equipment can clean all types of water pipes, which is more suitable for commercial and domestic water pipe cleaning! Before cleaning, there is a leak detection function to detect whether there is water leakage in the pipeline, so as to avoid damage to old water pipes. The working voltage is 24 V low voltage, even if the leakage does not harm the human body, to ensure the safety of cleaning!

citric acid drain cleaner

4.Customers can directly see the effect of citric acid pipe cleaning

Customers can see the cleaned dirt clearly, and the improvement of water quality is immediate. Customers pay for the visible effect, which is easy to promote. Houses over five years old need to be cleaned regularly once a year.

Jennifer Wang

Jennifer Wang

Hi, I’m Jennifer Wang, the funder of Joygino.com, I’ve been running a factory in China that makes water pipe cleaning equipment for 10 years now, and the purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge related to pipeline cleaning from a Chinese supplier’s perspective.

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