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distinguish pvc pipes quality

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The PVC water pipe is one of the most common water supply pipes, not only used in the general family but also often used in outdoor construction, so how to distinguish the quality of PVC drainage pipe, how to buy good quality PVC drainage pipe?

pvc pipe cut

1 observe the color and cut of PVC pipe

  • Observe if it’s bright and shiny. Some manufacturers add too many sundry materials, recycled materials, resulting in made of PVC pipe dull and black yellowing. In addition, the standard PVC pipe is light beige, if the pipe color is snow white, that means it was added too much calcium powder.
  • Judging by the cut of PVC water supply pipe, if the cut is fine, the pipe has good homogeneity, strength, and toughness, and is of good quality; if the cut is rough, Sandy, and there are pinpricks or holes, the pipe is of average quality.
broken pvc pipes

2 Weigh, measure wall thickness and length

  • Weighing: compare the weight of two tubes of the same diameter, wall thickness, and length. The heavier one is generally due to the impurity of calcium powder and impurities added too much.
  • Measurement of wall thickness: check whether it reaches the specified wall thickness, here we should also pay attention to the fact that some pipes are suction pipes, the wall thickness at both ends is up to the requirements, but the middle wall is thinner, not up to the use requirements, some manufacturers through the way of pumping to reduce costs.
measure pvc pipe
  • Measure the length:check if it reaches the specified length. Some manufacturers reduce the price by shortening the length. The negative deviation is not allowed according to CB/T100021-2006.

3 Smell

Burning or repeated damage, whether there is a pungent odor, environmental materials burning only a touch of plastic flavor.

Phthalic Acid is a widely used plasticizer that modifies or softens plastics and has been found in plastics, paints, and leather since phthalate, DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP, and DNOP, collectively known as 6P, for human health, the concentration should not exceed 0.1%, the concentration should not exceed 1% of the mass of all plastic materials for toys and baby care products.

smell pipes

On October 27, 2017, the International Agency for research on cancer (IARC) of the World Health Organization (WHO-RRB- published a preliminary list of carcinogens. 2(2-Ethylhexyl) phthalate is included in the Listcategoryg2by 2B carcinogens.

4 Light the fire

Observe whether after burning, PVC pipe from the fire self-extinguishing, whether there is light smoke and burning residues fall down;

fire pvc pipes

5 Pop and Stomp

Burst is also one of the most direct methods to test the impact resistance of PVC pipe, directly to the line pipe force on the ground burst, if the line pipe burst or directly broken into pieces, it is also that the toughness of the pipe is not enough, too many additives. Some manufacturers, in order to save costs and increase profits, added excessive calcium powder in the production of pipe, so that the price of the produced pipe is cheap, but its hardness has decreased a lot, fragile, for substandard products, this kind of PVC pipe material will leave hidden trouble to the construction process and the domestic water.

stomp pvc pipe

6 Empty Turn

The toughness of the PVC water supply pipe is the key index when choosing and purchasing.

Both hands try to bend the two ends of the pipe 180 degrees, if the PVC pipe is directly broken or broken, this shows that the pipe bending flat performance is not high, toughness is not enough. Good quality PVC pipe is not easy to break or break, toughness, general national standards IN-5 degrees Celsius spring cold bending can not break.

bent pvc pipes

7 Test report

Ask for the test report of PVC pipe and the test report of its Hygienic Index.

  • Technical specifications (according to GB/T10001-200 standard)
  • Vicar softening temperature > 80 °C
  • Longitudinal shrinkages < 9
  • There was no change in the surface of the chloromethane diffuse stain
  • Drop Hammer Test (0 °C-RTR- TR ≤5%)
  • The ring stress 3APA/3hba was tested in a 20-degree environment. After 1 hour, there was no rupture and no evidence of seepage

PVC pipe works as hidden auxiliary materials, a direct impact on the user’s home experience, no small building home, a good life from the choice of a good pipe to start.

joygino certificates

PVC Pipe Applications

  • municipal works. It can be used in drains and sewers.
  • construction. Used in rainwater pipe, underground drainage pipe, sewage pipe, ventilation pipe, and so on.
  • electrical and telecommunications engineering. It can be used as a protection pipe for all kinds of power cable, railway, and highway communication
  • protection tube for communication cables and optical fiber cables.
  • PVC double-wall corrugated pipe is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, and other industries of a sewage pipe.
  • water-saving irrigation and drainage for farmland, orchards, tea plantations, and forest belts.
  • drainage pipes for railways, highways, mines.
  • can be used as mine ventilation, water supply and drainage pipes.
copper pipe
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Jennifer Wang

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