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Nowadays, the safety of drinking water is a serious problem for us, due to the frequent occurrence of water pipe pollution, rust and impurity pollution in drinking water, after drinking such water there will be great harm to human health, so how can we drink healthy and qualified drinking water, daily drinking water should pay attention to what? How do you know if your water is safe to drink?

drink water problems

Problems with drinking water

Today, our daily drinking water mainly includes tap water, bottled water, and bottled water. However, all these drinking water methods have certain health risks, including the following three aspects:

Tap Water

The pollution of drinking tap water mainly comes from the pollution of water sources, residual chlorine of tap water, and the pollution of tap water transportation pipelines. Water pollution is mainly due to today’s industrial water, agricultural water rising, sewage treatment is not timely or not properly treated, resulting in water pollution.

The main reason for residual chlorine in tap water is that some tap water plants generally adopt the traditional process of precipitation filtration and chlorination to treat tap water, so some residual organic pollutants containing chlorine are easily produced.

So what about the pollution of the water transportation pipeline? This is because tap water has to pass through a long network of pipes and tanks to reach people’s homes, and in the process, some pollutants, such as rust, are added, dirt and bacteria, and so on. They interact to produce toxic chemicals.

Barrelled water

A lot of people think that barrelled water is very safe, in fact, it also has certain hidden dangers, including black buckets, expired water quality and over standard colonies, and so on.

barrelled water

Bottled water

We drink bottled water, mineral water, pure water, and so on. In many people’s minds, the water which we drink in daily life (bottled water, mineral water, pure water…) is very clean water without any health problems. In fact, pure water only solves the problem of water pollution but does not solve the “water degradation” and the physiological function of water.

bottled water

We know that the human body has the necessary trace elements and minerals with 5% ~ 20%. It is necessary to health from the water. But pure water does not contain any trace elements and minerals, mineral salt content and hardness are nearly 0, so if drinking pure water every day, certain nutrients will be lack for the human body, as a result, it will dissolve the original power elements and minerals in the human body, it will cause serious health problems.

How can I determine whether the water I drink is acceptable?

Through the above statement, we know that there are great health and safety risks in drinking water in life, and we must learn to judge if we want to drink healthy and qualified water. How do you tell?

tell water from the colors

1. First of all, we can judge from the color, taste, smell of drinking water, qualified water is colorless, transparent, and free of impurities.

If the color turbid, sticky water, with peculiar smell this shows that the water impurities are too much, is not suitable for human drinking.

2. You can take a glass of water and smell it.

and if it smells of bleach, it’s very stinging and it means there’s too much residual chlorine in the tap water. Of course, we can also taste the way to judge, if the taste of water is not sweet, but a smell of bleach, this is also the phenomenon of excessive bleaching powder.

3. You can use tap water to make tea.

After leaving the tea overnight, observe whether the tea water turns black. If it turns black, it means that tap water contains substances exceeding the standard of iron and manganese, which can be filtered by a water purifier.

make tea

4. Judge by the color of the cooked food.

If the food is dull, we should be careful.

5. At the same time, the safety of drinking water should also start from the PH value and hardness.

Considering whether the PH value of the water source is up to standard, whether the hardness of water is qualified, only the PH to maintain neutral, soft water is the real healthy and safe water source, drinking water standard is between 6.5 and 8.5.

ph test

6. The easiest way to do this is to use a TDS meter to test.

The TDS meter generally will have there in the water dispenser dealer, tell him to check the water quality of the home or directly fill some water to go to his shop to test, will not be rejected. TDS is the total amount of dissolved substances (mg) per liter of water, which is generally safe to drink when the TDS is below 50.

7. We can use alum, aluminum sulfate, ferric sulfate, or poly aluminum chloride as a coagulant.

Of course, cactus, cactus, cactus, day measure, hibiscus, mallow, purslane, thorn, elm, kapok bark mashed to join the mixed water can be used also, and then stand it there to wait for the flocculent precipitation until the water becomes clear.

8. You can tell by boiling the water and watching it.

Because the water in your water pipe is usually treated by the water company. It is generally not toxic, but there may be impurities. If there is no discoloration after boiling water, it proves that the metal discoloration after partial oxidation of iron and manganese is not high. After boiling, if there is no white sediment, it is low hardness, if there is but not much, it is ok.

How can drinking water be improved?

Since there are many hidden dangers in family drinking water, in order to drink qualified and healthy water in life, how to solve the water quality problem of drinking water?

1. Disinfect drinking water.

You can add one or three milligrams of chlorine to the water and let it sit for 15 to 30 minutes before drinking it.
Then we can make a judgment of the disinfection effect. If only 0.3 mg chlorine is left, the disinfection effect is the best.

2. Install a household drinking water filter in your home.

Now the technology of household water filters is more and more developed, the main principle is to use the filter element to filter drinking water, to use bacteria and other harmful substances in the water to filter out, improve the purification capacity at the same time can also prevent and control the disease.
While filtering impurities, the beneficial ingredients in the water are retained, protecting the health of our drinking water to the greatest extent.

3. Use direct drinking water to replace the tap water.

Direct drinking water is usually available in the community, and it is filtered.

direct drink water

4. Check the secondary water supply tank or water tank on the roof.

The water supply tank and water tank need to be cleaned regularly.

water tank

5. If the household water supply pipe is made of iron, there will be rust mud in the pipe.

If the water from such pipe is consumed for a long time, it will cause great harm to the health of the family. It is recommended to replace it with PVC or PPR plastic water pipe.


6. If the drinking water source is contaminated, it needs to be reported to the water supply company or environmental protection department for treatment.

7. In addition, after years of use, the water pipe wall will accumulate thick limescale and the water flow will become small.

Under this situation, we strongly advise you to reserve the water pipe cleaning services.

Tips for drinking water in daily life

1. The human body needs about two liters of water a day, which is what’s commonly known as eight glasses of water.

But that doesn’t mean that everyone should drink 8 glasses of water a day. Sometimes people need to drink more water on hot days when they have a cold, or when they sweat during exercise.

drink 2 liters water a day

2. Don’t drink water that’s too hot.

Water is too hot, can scald the esophagus mucous membrane, even increase esophagus cancer risk.

3. Drinking water half an hour after a meal is better.

Modern people are used to drinking canned drinks and don’t like drinking water. However, drinking canned drinks should also be carefully chosen, with sports drinks or fruit and vegetable juices being the best, because fruit and vegetable juices can supplement a variety of vegetarian nutrition, and sports drinks have the right amount of electrolytes, and the human body osmotic pressure equivalent, more easily absorbed than water.

drink lots of water before and after meals

4. Drink half a glass of water before bed to protect your heart!

Because the body will appear to lack water concentration of blood, the flow rate is slow, the blood into the heart will be reduced, there may be chest tightness, hold one’s breath, and other angina symptoms. Angina can be prevented to some extent if you take a moderate amount of water before bed or when you wake up to reduce blood concentration. Some people are afraid of drinking water, thinking that drinking too much water will cause edema, especially before going to bed at night, but this will only cause a vicious cycle, making the edema problem more serious. Because when the body is aware of the lack of water, will immediately make the corresponding action, the water will be stored, resulting in swelling of the hands and feet and other parts.

water protect your heart

5. Drinking more water can promote peristalsis of the intestines and stomach and cause defecation.

so that the waste after digestion of the intestines and stomach is smoothly discharged, preventing constipation.

taking care of your intestines

6. Don’t drink too much water at once.

This will cause the stomach to dilate. If you sweat a lot, you should drink light saline frequently.

7. Don’t drink too fast after strenuous exercise or exercise fatigue.

Otherwise, the rapid growth of blood volume, aggravating the heart load, long can cause heart failure.

8. Don’t drink lots of water before and after meals.

Otherwise, it will dilute gastric juice, increase the gastrointestinal burden, affect appetite and food digestion.

Jennifer Wang

Jennifer Wang

Hi, I’m Jennifer Wang, the funder of Joygino.com, I’ve been running a factory in China that makes water pipe cleaning equipment for 10 years now, and the purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge related to pipeline cleaning from a Chinese supplier’s perspective.

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