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Scaling occurs in every type of pipe. Plastic pipes are prone to accumulate dirt from bacteria and algae, so the water washed out is milky white, light green, or light yellow. Iron pipes are prone to rust, so the water washed out is brown. If the water is from underground, regardless of iron pipes or plastic pipes, the water that comes out is black or dark brown. Even if you use stainless steel pipes, water pipes will wash out white with bacteria and algae.

Types of Impurities from Different Water Pipes

Pipes TypeToxic Depositsthe Color of the Dirty Water
Stainless Steel PipesAlgal fungiWhite
Plastic PipesFungi, bacterial flora, bacterial flora, heavy metalsGreen, white
Iron PipesRust, heavy metals, miscellaneous bacteriaBrown, auburn, green

1. The water is white or creamy white

white color water cleaned

Corresponding water pipe type: plastic pipe (PPR, PVC…)

Because the water is hard and contains more calcium and magnesium ions. When heated in a water pipe, it will form calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate, which will appear as a loose white powder deposit. These will not form stubborn scaling, as long as the water is kept still for a while, the loose white powder will settle into the water pipe.

gonorrhea color water cleaned out from pipeline


If people drink hard water for a long time, the incidence of kidney stones will increase. Wash your face or bath with hard water, it will form calcium magnesium soap, which will stick to the face and will not easy to be removed. In addition, hard water can make a person’s gastrointestinal function disorder, temporary abdominal distension, exhaustion more, diarrhea, and other phenomena.

2. The water is brown, red or black

brown color water cleaned out

Corresponding water pipe type: iron fittings or iron pipe and galvanized pipe

Generally is the iron faucet or the iron fitting use after a long time oxidizes then falls off the precipitation. It is also possible that over time the inner walls of iron or zinc-coated pipes will oxidize and break off and settle in the water pipes.

underground red color water cleaned


The rusting water in the pipes contains iron oxide and other heavy metals. The main reason for the higher incidence of liver disease in urban areas than in rural areas is the absorption of excessive amounts of iron oxide and other heavy metals, one of the most direct and most harmful is iron oxide and other heavy metals on the human liver damage.

3. The water is green or blue

green color water cleaned out

Corresponding water pipe type: plastic pipe, metal pipe

Generally, because the local water quality is poor, the water in the presence of fungi, moss, and so on, will Precipitate, ferment and mutate in the pipeline, thus forming green.

blue color cleaned


Fungal infection is caused by the disease known as mycosis, the highest incidence of candidiasis and dermatophytosis caused by the normal fungal flora of the human body, infection can be divided into surface infection, skin infection, subcutaneous tissue infection, deep infection, and conditional infection. The general reason is that the local water quality is not good, water pressure is not strong, and so on.

different pipeline cleaning effects

Note: all of the watercolors above are possible with groundwater.

Because of the water supply pipe material, local water quality, and other factors, different pipe cleaning out of the effect will be different! The above statement is only a common situation analysis, for reference only.

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Jennifer Wang

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