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With the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to the healthy use of water. The industry of water pipe cleaning has arisen quietly. There are now two kinds of water pipe cleaning machines on the market, high-pressure water pipe cleaning machine and high-frequency spiral pulse cleaning machine, these two ways of cleaning what is the difference?

High Pressure Cleaing Machine

A high-pressure cleaning machine has a different name, most people call it high-pressure water cleaning machine, high-pressure water cleaning machine, high-pressure water jet equipment. In fact, a high-pressure washing machine is very common in our lives, car washing equipment is through the high-pressure washing machine, which produces a high-pressure water column, through the power of the water column to remove dirt, in order to achieve the goal of cleaning.

high pressure jetter

A high-pressure cleaning machine is based on water as the working medium, usually, the power-driven pump to High-pressure cleaning machine is based on water as the working medium, usually power-driven pump through the process of suction and drainage of ordinary water into high-pressure low-flow water, and then transported to the high-pressure pipeline, to reach the high-pressure nozzle at a certain energy. The aperture of the high-pressure nozzle is much smaller than the diameter of the high-pressure pipeline, so the water reaching the high-pressure nozzle must be accelerated to pass through the nozzle. In this way, the nozzle can be high-pressure low-velocity water into the low-pressure high-velocity jet. The jet of high-pressure water is the tangential or positive impact of the cleaning object (workpiece) on the surface is called the jet operation. A high-pressure water jet is the simplest form of energy conversion and application. When the impact force of the high-pressure water jet is greater than the adhesion between the dirt and the surface of the object, the dirt will be stripped, washed away, to clean the surface of the object of cleaning equipment.

High Frequency Pulse Water Pipe Cleaning Machine

high frequency water pipe cleaning machine

High-frequency water pipe cleaning machine is a new cleaning technology in recent years, it works on the following two principles:

  • When the high frequency pulse water pipe line cleaning machine sends water out, it vibrates the water, giving it a shock wave that makes it more efficient for the output stream to hit the wall and peel off the scale. The frequency of the shock waves is higher than the human hearing range, so there is not much noise at the time of the shock, in other words, the sound produced by these processes can not be heard by human beings.
pipeline cleaning technology
  • The gas from the air pump and the water from the water pipe itself combine together to form a variety of wavebands to shock and concuss the pipe wall, Peel off the dirt layer by layer and quickly discharge it out of the pipe, this way can quickly and efficiently solve the scale, silt, rust and other problems formed in many years such as tap water pipes, floor heating pipes and industrial pipes, and effectively solve the problems of poor water quality and unheated floor heating, use the simplest and most environmental protection method to achieve the most ideal result.The principle is to combine citric acid cleaning technology, spiral pulse cleaning technology and high-frequency pulse cleaning technology, the water vapor mixed spiral pulse is formed through the water vapor mixed pulse device, which forms 360 ° spiral circumferential pulse to scour the pipeline, and the cleaning pressure is less than 0.35 mpa, which is safe, efficient and environment-friendly, suitable for all kinds of materials of domestic water supply pipe cleaning.

In contrast, high-pressure pipe cleaners are more suitable for industrial cleaning, while high-frequency pulse cleaning is suitable for commercial use, mainly because domestic water pipes have less pressure bearing capacity and can not withstand high pressure, the use of high-pressure cleaning machines will often blow out the pipeline, causing unnecessary losses.

Jennifer Wang

Jennifer Wang

Hi, I’m Jennifer Wang, the funder of Joygino.com, I’ve been running a factory in China that makes water pipe cleaning equipment for 10 years now, and the purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge related to pipeline cleaning from a Chinese supplier’s perspective.

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