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pvc pipe cleaning solution

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When doing a cleaning service, a skilled cleaning Plumber in addition to reflecting their own professional, but more importantly to bring customers a good cleaning experience, increase customer trust and referral opportunities.

domestic water pipe cleaning

What problems does the cleaning plumber often encounter during operation? Water manager made a summary as follows:

Where is the best place to connect the equipment when preparing during tube & pipe cleaning?

In general, choose the faucet nearest to the main valve as the working port. If the total valve is close to the water heater, the hot and cold water valve of the water heater is preferred as the working port, so that when the citric acid solution is pumped through the equipment into the pipe, it can be fully soaked, and the clean degree of the pipe will be higher. Of course, the common wash platform and balcony are also good places to choose, cleaning master can be adjusted according to the layout of the customer’s home, where convenient where can be connected.

tube & pipe cleaning

A lot of plumbers will encounter some problems during injecting, what is the correct step during injecting and cleaning?

  1. Open the faucet farthest from the machine, drain the remaining water from the pipe, press the pump button of the remote control, open the faucet and pump out the citric acid, then press the pause button of the remote control to close the tap valve.

  2. From far to near, repeat this step, open the faucet → drain → determine citric acid → press the pause button → close the faucet valve, each faucet needs to do so.

  3. Citric acid soak time is suggested for 30 minutes, then open the tap cleaning, open the main sluice, each tap cleaning to clean water is complete.

During leak detection, the numerical value to reach the number of eligible?

After selecting the working place of the equipment, the next step is to measure the pressure of the pipe that needs to be cleaned and check the airtightness of the pipe. In general, to observe the output pressure value, the value should be 4.0 or more, and maintain 5-8 min of stability is considered through leak detection.

What are the reasons for the leak detection failure?

There are several possible reasons for this failure, which can be interpreted as a continuous leakage of air pressure into the pipe:

  1. The house with the faucet did not close, or the original dripping phenomenon, the need to replace the relevant parts in advance;

  2. Sitting at the home toilet, usually in leak detection operation will forget to close the water supply toilet valve switch;

  3. There is some water storage equipment at home, such as a water heater, small kitchen treasure, and solar energy, etc.

pvc pipe cleaning solution
How Do you mix the amount of citric acid?

The function of citric acid is to disinfect and soften the dirt. Under normal circumstances, a 1kg pack of citric acid to 25-30 Jin (about 15L)50-60 °C of hot water. The larger the area, the more water, and citric acid used, cleaning master can be based on the actual situation to deploy.

The above is the sum of several common problems, the technical operation is non-theoretical, or the need to master more practice operation, in order to be familiar with the operation process, to present a better professional level to customers.

Jennifer Wang

Jennifer Wang

Hi, I’m Jennifer Wang, the funder of Joygino.com, I’ve been running a factory in China that makes water pipe cleaning equipment for 10 years now, and the purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge related to pipeline cleaning from a Chinese supplier’s perspective.

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