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Food-grade Citric Acid Pipe Cleaner Chemical

Food grade Citric acid is our recommendation chemical for pipeline cleaning, which is safe and harmless for people’s health.

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Details about Food-grade Citric Acid Pipe Cleaner Chemical

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Comparison of Cleaning Methods

MethodPros and Cons
Dismantle & replaceHigh cost, easy to damage the wall, long construction cycle
Refurbish the external auxiliary pipeAffects the artistic appearance, easy to damage the wall, high construction cost
Use ozone for cleaningsterilization ability is strong, but will accelerate oxidation, reduce the pipe life, cleaning time is long
CACS pipeline cleaning TechnologyLow cost, high efficiency, environmental protection, safety, energy saving

Frequently Asked Questions

No, because the air compressor is explosive goods, it can only be shipped by the sea. Besides, the weight of the air pumper is very heavy, about 17.5KG, the shipping cost of it is much more expensive than the original value of the compressor.
So we advise you buy it from your local directly if you need it from us, pls contact our customer service for more detailed information.

We provide a 1-year warranty for our 9L capacity portable air compressor and other easy-spoiled accessories 6 months warranty.

Because the machine is different, pls send our customer service your citric acid pipe cleaner image so that we can judge.

Yes, we recommend you do that, thus when the blue air compressor tube is broken, you can replace it with the new one very soon.

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Demonstration Video

Food grade citric acid can be get in many countries, if you couldn’t find it, you can also use your local pipe cleaning chemical. Or if your customer worried about it a lot, you can clean it without any chemical.

Product Display

RX-3000 is our most advanced and smart water pipe cleaning machine so far.

Cleaning Cases

Our machine can efficiently clean out the scale, moss, heavy metals, iron, big particles, bacteria, sediment and other dirts from the water pipes.


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