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SS Whole House Water Filtration VS Water Softener 40 μm Backwash

Pre-filter is a very effective method to defend the health of water, It can filter the big particles such as sand, rust, worm eggs, red worms, and so on in the tap water.

Since 1988 Germany has legislated to force new or modified houses to have pre-filters.

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Details about SS Whole House Water Filtration VS Water Softener 40 μm Backwash

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Comparison of Cleaning Methods

MethodPros and Cons
Dismantle & replaceHigh cost, easy to damage the wall, long construction cycle
Refurbish the external auxiliary pipeAffects the artistic appearance, easy to damage the wall, high construction cost
Use ozone for cleaningsterilization ability is strong, but will accelerate oxidation, reduce the pipe life, cleaning time is long
CACS pipeline cleaning TechnologyLow cost, high efficiency, environmental protection, safety, energy saving

Frequently Asked Questions

Surely we can, we encourage you to take some sample to test the quality and market at the beginning stage and we are confident that you will satisfy with our water filters.

Yes, the pipeline cleaning services are for the inside wall of the pipes, but water filters can filter the scale, bacteria in the water, which is different.

We provide 10 Years long warranty for all of the pre-filters from us.

Our filter element is made of 316 Stainless steel and you can clean it by screw the knob on the bottom simply.

Demonstration Video

You don’t need to replace the filter element for life long, just need to discharge the dirty things from the water filters manually every 6 months.

Product Display

Water pre-filter quality Test, the cover is made by aviation explosion-proof material, very strong

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