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Hot Tub Cleaning Service Procedure: The hot spring hot tubes are long, and there are many taps. Besides, the male and female guests need to be cleaned separately. Considering that there are more scales in the tubes, the water pipe cleaning equipment is connected to the washbasin near the water source on the first floor. Firstly, we dredged the blocked pipeline, then soaked and cleaned it many times to discharge the scale from the main pipe on the first floor, then connected the equipment from the first floor and clean it along the direction of the water source.

Location: Kunming Hot Spring Hotel Hot Water Tube Cleaning
Problem: The hot water tubes for guests in the hotel have thick scale on the pipe wall and small water output, which seriously affect customers’ bathing. The hotel has tried many ways, but there is no way to solve it. It also leads to 6 bathing rooms completely blocked, and the water output of other taps is small. Customers have complained it for many times. The situation is urgent, and it is close to the national day tourism gold, so the flow of customers will be large, If this problem is not solved in time, it will cause incalculable losses, and the hotel is ready to replace the pipeline at the same time.
Cleaning Effect: After cleaning, the effect is very significant. All the faucets can be used regularly. The faucet flowing is much larger than before. The hotel manager is very satisfied. He ordered to clean 202 customers’ water pipes at once.
Jennifer Wang

Jennifer Wang

Hi, I’m Jennifer Wang, the funder of Joygino.com, I’ve been running a factory in China that makes water pipe cleaning equipment for 10 years now, and the purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge related to pipeline cleaning from a Chinese supplier’s perspective.

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