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Charging Reference for Household Appliance Cleaning Services

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Household appliances need to be cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis

With the comprehensive popularization of household appliances in the past decade, the promulgation of relevant national regulations and policies on the cleaning of electrical appliances, and the mass media’s publicity and popularization of the harm caused by the pollution of household appliances, people have paid more and more attention to health, the common sense that “household appliances need to be cleaned regularly” has gradually taken root in the hearts of people, and household appliances are being cleaned more and more recognized.

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Home appliance cleaning market

According to the Ministry of Construction, the current number of Chinese families has reached more than 350 million, and is increasing at the rate of 13 million per year, household appliances cleaning demand market has reached ten billion per year market share!

According to experts revealed that the vast majority of household appliances need to clean after a period of time, and is a regular cycle of cleaning. Professional household appliance cleaning shows a keen demand, the huge market has given birth to a new sunrise industry, household appliance cleaning industry has become a new area of investment. The future field of home appliance cleaning will be a gold production area, the professional home appliance cleaning industry is booming. The household appliance cleaning industry is gradually getting the attention and favor of the entrepreneurs by the advantages of “small investment, large blank market, broad development prospect, high-profit return, a large amount of employment opportunity”, and more and more people are beginning to pay attention to and put into this industry. The state is also introducing various preferential policies to encourage more people to participate in and develop the service industry, the follow-up will be more and more organizations and personnel to participate in the household appliance cleaning service industry.

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Huge business opportunity-professional household appliance cleaning service team

In the next 2-3 years, professional household appliances cleaning will become a widely recognized and accepted by the public, and fully mature development of the new technical service industry. However, most of them appear in the form of “Street guerrillas”, or the maintenance department of local household appliances carries out the cleaning project of local household appliances along with them. The cleaning technology is not professional at all, the cleaning effect is not ideal, the technology and service are not standard, and the charges are even more chaotic. The market urgently needs professional and formal companies to provide cleaning services for household appliances. Because of this, the household appliance cleaning service industry contains huge business opportunities.

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Professional household appliance cleaning has gradually become widely recognized and accepted by the public and fully mature development of a new type of technical service industry.

What is the home appliances cleaner?

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Household appliance cleaning machine is to use the high temperature and high pressure of saturated steam to speed up the movement of dirt surface resistant molecules, and to eliminate all kinds of stubborn stains by destroying the binding force between them, at the same time, all kinds of bacteria, mites, microorganisms and pathogens attached to the objects are completely eliminated, and with a nozzle, brush and other functional and convenient accessories, without any cleaning agent, rapid decontamination and sterilization. Household appliance cleaning machines can also clean any small gap and hole, peel off and remove oil stains and residues, to achieve efficient, water-saving, clean, dry, low-cost requirements. The advantages of steam cleaning are water-saving, reducing the use of various cleaning agents, environmental protection, safety.

Here are some of the Chinese mainland’s household cleaning market prices, which vary from country to country.

Cleaning ObjectCleaning Service ContentCleaning Service Reference PriceUnit
Wall Mounted Air ConditionerFin + evaporator + wind wheel + wind wheel wall + swing piece + filter + high temperature sterilization + disinfection + odor removal + appearance maintenance20-45USD/PC
Cabinet Air ConditionerFin + Evaporator + Wind Wheel + gutter + swing plate + filter + high temperature sterilization + odor removal + appearance maintenance35-60USD/PC
Household Central Air ConditioningWater Cycle + outlet + main engine + end + pipe20USD/Tuyere
Washing MachineInner cylinder wall layer + door seal + chassis + filter + material box + high temperature sterilization + appearance maintenance20-45USD/PC
Water DispenserInner Liner Descaling + Outlet + Smart Seat + Water Model + drainage pipe + appearance + ozone disinfection + appearance maintenance20USD/PC
Water HeaterInner Liner Descaling + inlet and outlet + disinfection + appearance cleaning and maintenance25-60USD/PC
RefrigeratorProfessional deicing + cleaning tray + internal + door seal + high temperature sterilization + ozone disinfection + V80 disinfection + remove odor + appearance maintenance20-60USD/PC
Range HoodWind turbine (turbine) + turbine shell + oil filter + oil tank + oil cup + Shell + steam sterilization + appearance maintenance20-40USD/PC( Charge according to the actual situation)
Floor Heating Systempipeline inwall15-20USD/PC
Water Pipelinepipeline inwall45-100USD/100 Square meter apartment

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