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home appliances cleaning event

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Event Purpose

  1. Through on-site publicity and brand promotion in each district, to the district customers (national) professional household appliances cleaning and maintenance business, establish brand image to enhance the visibility of cleaning services.
  2. To enable customers to enhance their knowledge of household appliance safety and the importance of household appliance cleaning, to help customers in the residential area solve the problem of household appliance cleaning, to open up new customers and maintain long-term customers, and to let customers in the residential area take the initiative to go to consumers, create sales opportunities, stimulate purchases, and promote sales.
  3. Collect the relevant information of the promotion area, study the consumer behavior habits and consciousness of the customers in the area, and further improve the quality of the market service.
home appliances cleaning event holding

Community selection

  • First of all, we should take into account the number of years a residential area has been built, at least three years after the sale of commercial housing; at the same time, occupancy rates are very important, and a residential area should have more than 80% of its permanent residents, in this 80% of fixed households (domestic households) to account for 90% of the household appliances cleaning demand.
  • When choosing the community, the consumption level is usually located in the middle and high-grade community, which can not only help us to plan some sales promotion activities but also reduce the bargaining and bargaining of customers The specific location of the plot is very important. It is necessary to inspect the location of the plot on the spot and choose the traffic points that are closer to the shopping center and do not hinder people in the past, but also to ensure that pedestrians on the road can easily see the event site, need to observe a certain amount of time in the investigation. Finally, after investigation and sorting out the selection of several sub-selected.
  • Contact the person in charge of the property management office of the district to be selected to discuss the cost of the site. In this way, we can know the site fees of each qualified area and register them one by one, which will play a reference role in the future. Finally determine the location of community activities, venue fees.
home cleaning team

Event Date

The general election in the holidays, weekends, markets and other people when more traffic. Community event time is to choose the time when the residents of the community are free, for example, we can take the children out for a walk or take a break to go for a walk in the supermarket, visit relatives and friends, and so on, because as long as there are a large number of people to ensure that our activities are seen by more people, thus achieving the best publicity. That is to say, when they are most free, our community activities will be done when they are most free.

bbq oven stainless steel surface cleaning

Event theme

The theme of community events is the soul of the whole event, so we need to consider whether it can be easily accepted and recognized by the residents of the community when we determine the theme. So from the point of view of public welfare is the ablest to affect their attention, let them feel that we do activities and their health and safety are closely related. Therefore, the focus is on the publicity of household appliance pollution on the health and safety of users.

***Professional household appliance cleaning service organization


*** Property Management Center

Event Place

*** Community

killing bacteria

Event target

all community residents

Event time and method

  1. Event time:Monday 8:00 AM-12:00 AM , *** Month *** Date *** Year
  2. Event Mode
  • Pre-order home appliance cleaning service is to give away a free experience card, through this way to attract the attention of residential residents and pre-order cleaning service desire.
  • You can get 10 coupons for each of the 3 washing machines you order. After you have booked the cleaning service, you can become a member to enjoy the 8.8% discount on cleaning service and one free cleaning and maintenance service, members who top up US$100 will receive a US$10 coupon.
clean a modern stove
Women are cleaning modern black induction stoves.

Preliminary work arrangement

  1. Personnel arrangement: 2 people/group, reasonable arrangement of personnel combination (promotion site command, collection, publicity, photography, etc.)
  2. Materials: promotion desk, plastic stool, tent, Free experience card, VIP card, leaflets, banners, customer registration form, X exhibition stand, family safety and health threefold, 10 yuan coupon, 20 yuan coupon.
  3. Operation: arrange 1-2 events each time, and promote activities in different communities to establish brand image and enhance the popularity of cleaning and maintenance services.
  4. Content of the banner
  • Home appliance cleaning creates a green living
  • Healthy living goes with you
  • Care for family health away from home appliance pollution

5. Personnel arrangement: one person to distribute leaflets and pull sheets, one person to fill in documents and register and explain, one person to guide and assist other staff on-site and take photos, one professional cleaning staff.

floor cleaning

Post-event arrangement

  1. The data on the day of the event, including the on-site popularity, booking, and cleaning service registration data, can be sorted into a table and explained in detail so that each community event can be compared in the future.
  2. Summary of the event, including whether there is a big difference between the actual effect of the event site and the planning assumption, and if the effect is less than ideal, to summarize what went wrong and make relevant records, we can learn from our experience at the next community event. If the live event is successful, try to figure out what appeals to the consumer, what’s not perfect, and try to be more successful the next time.
  3. Tidy up the photos taken at the event site and send them to the head office for online promotion. Photos can also be used to advertise on Facebook, blogs, local forums, classifieds, and other online platforms.
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Jennifer Wang

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