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You may have heard the expression, “drinking alkaline water makes you healthier.” However, this is a rumor that has been refuted time and time again but has spread widely on the internet.

drinking alkaline water

Acidic and Alkaline Water?

A water molecule is made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, and in the case of a liquid, a small fraction of the molecules in the water ionize into hydrogen and hydroxide ions.
What happens with hydrogen or hydroxide ions can determine whether this water is acidic or basic.
The acidity and alkalinity of drinking water are chemically expressed by pH value. If there are many hydrogen ions, the pH of water less than 7 is acidic.
If there are fewer hydrogen ions and more hydroxide ions, water with a pH greater than 7 is basic.

water molecule

The so-called “acid and alkaline”, its essence is the hydrogen ion concentration in the solution and hydroxide ion concentration ratio relationship. The higher the hydrogen concentration, the more acidic it is, and vice versa, the more alkaline it is.

CCTV 315 Consumer Rights Protection Gala Exposed Alkaline Water Behind the Scenes Scam

In fact, as early as a few years ago in the CCTV “3·15” evening party, experts have been on the weak alkaline water can improve the body to refute the rumor.

cctv 315 consumer rights protection gala exposed alkaline water

The much-anticipated 2021 CCTV 315 Gala kicked off in Beijing on March 15, with the popular “alkaline water” lying about how it can improve human pH. Exposure to alkaline “magic” water.

These alkaline water claims to have wonderful functions, can change the body’s acidic constitution, can neutralize gastric acid, and protect the gastric mucosa.
Some say their cups can create alkaline water to remove acidic waste from the body.
Some even claim alkaline water can lower blood sugar, and blood pressure, fight fatigue, fight oxidation and even make you smarter.

On the CCTV 3.15 gala, authoritative experts said that it is unreasonable to judge whether water is good for health by the pH value. The pH value of human body fluids is about 7.4. If alkaline water makes the human environment more alkaline, it will be harmful to the human body.

Professor Li Dubai, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Harbin Engineering University, pointed out that whether acidic substances in the body can be neutralized depends on the alkalinity of the water.
Alkalinity is the ability of water to absorb photons.
The formation of alkalinity of water is mainly due to the presence of bicarbonate, carbonate, and hydroxide, and the pH value can only reflect the amount of hydroxide, so purely based on the pH value to determine whether water is good for health, in the eyes of professionals is unexplained.

alkaline magic water

Peking University Third Hospital, director of the department of nephrology, Peking University Changjiang scholars, professor, and doctoral supervisor Wang Tao said that there is no acidic constitution in medicine.
Some chronic diseases may lead to the accumulation of acid waste in the body over time. It is not the accumulation of acid waste that causes the disease.

The Vice-chairman of the China Food Science and Technology Association thinks that if alkaline water makes the human environment more alkaline, it will be harmful to the human body.
Escherichia coli, parahaemolyticus, Salmonella, monozoysta, are these pathogenic microorganisms like the environment are alkaline, if drinking water can make our intestines and stomach alkaline, that is to help harmful microorganisms, inhibit beneficial microorganisms.
Jinan university nutrition professor zhang Wei believes that the so-called weak alkaline water there is not a magical place, the weak alkaline water does not require specialized manufacturing, we usually drink natural water, tap water meet the national drinking water standard, the pH value between 6-8, is neutral to weak alkaline, the trace elements and minerals can satisfy the need of human nutrition.

The water we usually buy on the market is relatively neutral. The concentration of hydrogen ions is between a few millionths and a few millionths of stomach acid. In other words, whether the water was slightly acidic or slightly alkaline before, once it passed through the esophagus into the stomach and mixed with gastric acid, it became equally acidic. Once in the gut, it will be neutralized to alkalinity. So it can be said that under the strong self-regulation of the human body, the acidity and alkalinity of various body fluids are very stable. In no way does drinking water affect the acid and alkaline balance of body fluids.

human body is a complex system

Those who sell alkaline water are just using it as a marketing gimmick.
Zhu Danpeng, an analyst of China’s food industry, said that many water companies have launched weak alkaline water to extract core selling points for their products through pseudoscientific theories, enhance the added value of products, improve differentiation advantages, and obtain improper profits by misleading and deceiving consumers.
Alkaline water treatment or disease prevention propaganda belongs to false propaganda, is the market supervision bureau crackdown on violations.
Businesses blatantly claim the efficacy of disease prevention and treatment, also misleading consumers to a certain extent.
According to Zhong Kai, director of the Health Information Exchange Center, alkaline water has no magical effect and is no different from ordinary drinking water. Consumers do not need to consider the “health benefits” of drinking water when choosing it.
The function of drinking water is to supplement the water in the body, and there is no effect on the regulation of physical fitness.

Is Drinking Slightly Alkaline Water Good for You?

First of all, the human body is naturally composed of acid and alkaline.

The human body is like a well-designed machine, with each part having its own “temper”.
In fact, the body fluids of our human body have many kinds: intracellular fluid, extracellular fluid (blood, tissue fluid, and lymphatic fluid), all kinds of digestive fluid secreted (such as saliva, gastric acid, intestinal fluid, bile, etc.), excretion of sweat, urine and so on, the pH value between different body fluids is very different.
For example, a strong acid environment in the stomach and an alkaline environment in the gut are at opposite ends of the pH spectrum.


Even if the slightly alkaline water is ingested by the human body, it must first pass through the stomach with strong acidic gastric juice. The alkaline substances in the water can be neutralized with less than half a drop of gastric acid, just like a soldier with only 4 or 5 combat power meets a big boss with 100,000 combat power.
Therefore, whether it is a weak acid or weak alkaline water, it is impossible to affect the body’s pH, if the body really appears acidosis or alkali poisoning symptoms, it is necessary to accept professional treatment.

Secondly, the human body has a very powerful acid and alkaline regulation system.

The human body has a very powerful regulatory system, according to relevant medical data, mainly through the digestive system, respiratory system, and excretory system to achieve acid and alkaline balance.

acid base balance

In terms of the digestive system, the small intestine is the first organ involved in acid and alkaline balance regulation. It can adjust the reabsorption of alkali in pancreatic juice according to the composition of food and thus adjust the concentration of alkali in blood. In addition, the small intestine maintains an acid and alkaline balance by regulating the absorption of alkali ions such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium from foods.

In terms of the respiratory system, the lung regulates acid and alkaline balance and is the most efficient “model worker”. It keeps working all the time pumping co2 out of the body. One of the final products of the metabolic reactions of sugars, fats, and proteins we eat is carbon dioxide, which combines with water to form carbonic acid, the most acidic substance produced in the body. Breathing is divided into exhaling and inhaling! Breathe first, breathe last! Exhaled is mostly carbon dioxide, and inhaled is mostly oxygen. Why do we exhale and sigh every time we encounter stress? Because stress increases energy metabolism, depleting blood oxygen and increasing carbon dioxide, the body becomes more acidic! At this point, when you exhale, carbon dioxide concentration decreases acidity decreases, and alkalinity increases. When your body is acidic, exhale more carbon dioxide, and when your body is alkaline, exhale less carbon dioxide.

In terms of the excretory system, In addition to regulating the body easily through respiration and stabilizing the body’s acidity and alkalinity, the body also regulates through the kidneys. When the body fluid is acidic, the body automatically educates more acidic substances, and when the body fluid is alkaline, the body fluid educates more alkaline substances.

On the one hand, the kidney excretes the acidic material produced by the body’s metabolism through filtration, and on the other hand, it absorbs a part of the alkaline material to maintain the body’s acid and alkaline balance. The pH value of blood is the most commonly used medicine to measure the pH of the human body, and the pH value of human blood is precisely controlled by the body system between 7.35 and 7.45, showing weak alkaline.

Many Naturally Good Drinks of Water Tend to be Acidic

Damingshan Dongsi Fresh spring in Wuming County, Guangxi has a pH of 6.7.
Hupao Springwater in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, has a pH of 5.8.
And some natural water is alkaline, such as Taihu water and tap water made from it, the quality is not good.
Therefore, it is not scientific to divide the quality of water into acidic or alkaline but to meet the water quality standards, water impurities, and pollution to determine the quality of water.

taihu water

Water is Drunk Into the Stomach, Which Has an Acidic Environment with a pH of 2-3

  1. The function of gastric juice :(1) sterilization; (2) AIDS digestion

2. Gastric juice is a strong acidic buffer solution. No matter what water you drink, the pH in your stomach changes to acidic.

“Both weak acid and alkaline water have very little effect on the acidity and alkalinity of the human body.

Our body is a sophisticated buffer system, such as the normal pH range of blood is 7.35-7.45, only this way ensures normal physiological functions.

No matter whether it is a weak acid or weak alkaline water, it will become acidic in the stomach when we drink it because there is hydrochloric acid with a pH value of about 2.0 in our stomach. Even if we drink the so-called weak alkaline water, the stomach has been completely acidified.

Then it gets to the gut, and whatever water becomes alkaline again.” Ruan Guangfeng said.

The “Acidity and Alkalinity” of the Food Itself and Its “Causative Acidity and Alkalinity” (Which is Formed By Digestion and Absorption In the Body After Eating) Is Different, Sometimes the Opposite.

  1. Most meat (pig, cow, chicken, duck, fish, shrimp, crab, and other animal meat) and cereals (rice, flour, peanuts, etc.) are acidic foods.
  2. Most vegetables (such as green vegetables, radish, onion, spinach, etc.), fruits (apples, bananas, oranges, strawberries, etc.), fungi (mushrooms, etc.) algae are “alkaline” food.
  3. Water is neither acid nor alkali food.
  4. The yolk of an egg is acidic, while the white of an egg is an alkaline food.
  5. The majority of vegetables and fruit is acidic, but it is “send alkalescent” food.
healthy vegetables


Weak alkalinity is not the basis of our choice of drinking water, the purity of water is a strong guarantee for our drinking. According to the World Health Organization survey statistics, there are at least 1.2 billion people in the world every year because of drinking polluted water, at least 20 million people die every year. Nowadays, water pollution happens from time to time, and we can’t afford the consequences of drinking polluted water. In the face of today’s unsatisfactory drinking water environment, it is time to add a safe line of defense for the safety of drinking water for family and their own!

The pH Value in Water Quality Standards

  1. World Health Organization standards for drinking water quality: no specific targets.
    Low pH has a corrosive effect, high pH has a soapy taste.
    To make chlorination more effective, the pH≤8 is appropriate.
  2. US EPA(Environmental Protection Agency) drinking water quality standard: no specific standard for grade 1 water. The pH value of Secondary water should be between 6.5 to 8.5.
  3. European Union (EC) Standard for drinking water quality: pH 6.5-9.5. For bottled or barreled water, the minimum pH is 4-5.
  4. Japan drinking water quality standard: pH 5.8-8.6.
  5. China’s GB5749 drinking water sanitation standard: 6.5-8.5; GB17324 Bottled pure drinking water: pH 5.0-7.0. These indicators are in line with those of developed countries.
water quality standards

Is Weakly Alkaline Water Good Or Weakly Acidic Water Good? It Depends On the Individual’s Constitution

Facing the advertisement of various drinking water merchants in the market, consumers will have a lot of doubts when choosing drinking water. Expert analysis, if the water contains other trace components are basically the same, Its acidity and alkalinity have no great effect on human health.

Weak alkaline water is mainly water containing calcium, magnesium, and other hard water minerals, and weak acidic water mainly refers to pure water. But what may not be clear is that the health effects of soft and hard water (weak acid water and weak alkaline water) are not much different. A cup of water with a weak alkaline.

calculi patients

A small drop of vinegar in a glass of water becomes acidic, while a few drops of apple juice in a glass of slightly acidic water becomes slightly alkaline. And our food contains a lot of acid or alkaline substances, such as vegetables, which are very much minerals, and the so-called weak alkaline water compared with it, the mineral content is negligible. It can be seen that weak acidic water and weak alkaline water in the human body are minimal. So, national standards for drinking water specify a pH between 6.5 and 8.5.

Experts believe that the buffering power of water’s acidity and alkalinity, or pH, is very weak. Different people in different regions have slightly different acidity and alkalinity to water. The south is full of sunshine and moisture, so there are many vegetables and fruits. So if life must be obsessed with drinking weak alkaline water is actually nothing

The righteous. Drinking hard water is obviously not appropriate for patients with calcium stones. But for a healthy person, soft water and hard water have little effect on the human body.

drinking water

As we have said before (calcium and trace elements cannot and should not be obtained by drinking water), as far as the minerals in water are concerned, most of them cannot be absorbed by the human body. Therefore, people who drink spring water or well water for a long time will not have a higher probability of developing the stone disease than people who drink other water sources.
So, don’t be obsessed with the pH of the water, as long as the pH of the water is in the range of 6.5 to 8.5, it meets the national standards for drinking water.
To a normal person, there is no difference between weak acid and weak alkaline water.
Only people with physical diseases need to pay attention to some, such as stone patients who drink less alkaline water and lack the nutrition to drink less acidic water.
Weak alkalescent water is good still weak acidic water is good, still should see specific circumstance ability affirmatory.

The pH Miracle Author- Robert Oldham Young

There are all kinds of rumors about keeping healthy. One of the topics is the acid and alkaline of the human body. The rumor has spread so widely that people with many chronic illnesses can speak up about the paradoxes with a straight face, even though no one has actually benefited from it.

On November 2, 2018, a jury in San Diego, California, awarded $105 million in damages to Robert Oldham Young, the author of pH miracle. Officially bankrupt of the “alkalinizing” diets scam!


Young called himself a doctor. Although you may not have seen him, you’ve probably heard his theory that Acid is the disease-all disease, actually, and a cancer cell was once a healthy cell that has been spoiled by acid. If you want to be healthy, you should eat alkaline foods to adjust your body pH.

Since 2002, “The pH miracle” has become a bestsellers book and has been translated into many languages. He also built a sanatorium and made a fortune, adapting the theory of acid and alkaline. However, in the course of the trial, we found that such a well-known “magic doctor”, did not have medical qualifications, even the doctor’s diploma is money bought.

A $100 million lawsuit

This lawsuit started a few years ago. Dawn Carly, 45, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007. She followed Yang’s advice and gave up chemotherapy and other traditional treatments, and accepted the theory of “acid and alkaline” therapy, thus missing the best treatment opportunity. Now Carly’s breast cancer is advanced, and doctors say she has three to four years to live. In 2015, Carly took Young to court.

Carly is the mother of four children, the youngest of whom is now eight years old. Lawyers hope the ruling will serve as a warning to those who claim they can “work miracles and cure cancer”.

The $105 million award includes $90 million for physical and emotional damages and $15 million in punitive damages. Carly originally sought damages of just $10 million.

Young said he would appeal the huge fine.

A regular infusion with baking soda costs $500 a shot

Even before Carly’s lawsuit, Young was sued by the California Medical Board in 2014 for practicing medicine illegally.

The illegal medical practice involves a criminal offense. Gina Davos, the prosecutor in charge of the case, described Young as a “quack who preys on the dying”. Young claimed to be a Ph.D. from the Clayton School of Natural Health. However, according to the prosecution s investigation, the school is a pheasant university that has not been approved by the U.S. Department of Education.

Prosecutors also found that his fake diplomas had been bought from illegal institutions — Young went from earning his bachelor’s degree to his doctorate in just eight months. He has never received professional and systematic learning and training, so he has no professional knowledge at all. After receiving his doctorate in 1995, he was sued for practicing medicine illegally.

During the trial, prosecutors focused on Mr. Young’s self-invented theory of acid and alkaline and the high fees he charged for the treatment of terminally ill patients. He would sell them therapeutic injections for $500 a shot. Tests later revealed that the injections were ordinary INTRAVENOUS fluids mixed with baking soda, which were not even safe.

His theory has been on Oprah

In 2002, Young published a book called “The Acid And alkaline Miracle: A Balanced Diet that Restores Your Health.”

He believed that a person’s health depended on the acid and alkaline balance in his body. An acidic constitution can easily lead to cancer, obesity, osteoporosis, skin diseases, and other diseases, making it unhealthy and potentially dangerous. If an “alkaline system” can be established in the body to maintain the acid and alkaline balance, it is beneficial to resist and treat diseases.

Accordingly, Yang recommends avoiding acidic foods such as red meat, sugar, eggs, dairy products, alcohol, and coffee and replacing them with alkaline foods such as vegetables, fruits, grains, and fish, while maintaining a low-stress lifestyle that is more conducive to health. The lifestyle he advocates is also known as the alkaline lifestyle.

alkaline diet

This seemingly reasonable health knowledge, a circle of countless fans. Young went on to publish the pH Miracle series. In recent years, professional medical institutions have repeatedly tested Yang’s claims. Many medical experts believe that eating more fresh vegetables and maintaining a low-pressure life is undoubtedly healthy, But there is no evidence that so-called alkaline foods offer any clear benefits.

As the book sold better and better, Young grew more confident. From the initial health care, his theory gradually became a “cure for cancer”.

In February 2007, a woman named Kim Tinkham was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. It should be treated as soon as possible, but she doesn’t believe in traditional treatment. She agrees with Young’s theory of acid and alkaline.

In March of that year, Tinham wrote a letter to Oprah about her experience. Oprah asked her to be on a show and interviewed her. The pH miracle theory became famous when it was featured on this TV show.

On the show, Winfrey gently suggested to Tinham whether she should combine traditional therapy with her own. However, this proposal was rejected. Both Young and Hingham claimed to be “cured” of breast cancer. In fact, Tinham died of illness soon after.

“Back in the 18th century, a British admiral led 1,955 seamen on a voyage around the world. Their diet was mainly grain and meat, with few vegetables and fruits. In four years, 1,051 sailors died of various diseases, including vitamin C deficiency, but there was no record of acidosis.

war to resist us aggression and aid korea

In the middle of the 20th century, the Chinese People’s Volunteers went to Korea to fight against the United States and aid The Korean War. Their food conditions were poor, even “a handful of fried noodles and snow”, and they could not eat “vegetables and fruits” at all. At that time, some soldiers suffered from night blindness due to vitamin A deficiency, but they did not show symptoms of acidosis. This shows that the acidity and alkalinity of food cannot change the acidity and alkalinity of the human body, let alone cause an “acidic body”.

The biggest health myth of the 21st century is “acid and alkali”, which has been destroying people for years. The water that drinks in the body is absorbed by the intestines through gastric acid adjustment without changing the pH value of organs and tissues. For the human body, drinking water is essentially replenishing H2O. First of all, we should ensure that drinking water is clean. Secondly, drinking more water is beneficial to body metabolism, but it cannot replace drug treatment.

5 Misunderstanding of Acids and Alkalinity

1. What is the pH of the human body? Is it necessary to maintain acid and alkaline balance in the human body?

Myth: There are the acidic constitution and alkaline constitution for the human body.

Experts explain:

Zhejiang province cancer hospital nutrition division dietitian Song Linglan said that the human body’s pH value is the blood pH value as an indicator, and constant between 7.35~7.45, therefore, the overall pH value of the human body must be weak alkaline, there will be no acid constitution problem.

The digestive, excretory, and respiratory systems of the human body can precisely control the acid and alkaline balance, and there are various buffer substances in the blood, which constitute the body’s internal acid and alkaline buffer system. In normal people, acids and alkaline are always in a state of dynamic equilibrium. When it falls below 7.35, we call it acidosis, and when it rises above 7.45, we call it alkalosis. If the pH exceeds the normal limit, it can be life-threatening if not corrected.

Therefore, it is wrong to say that we have an acidic constitution or an alkaline constitution. We are always weakly alkaline. “On a larger scale, what is the pH of the human body?” Stomach fluid has a pH of 0.8 to 1.5, duodenal fluid has a pH of 4.2 to 8.2, saliva has a pH of 6.5 to 7.5, and weakly acidic urine, Song said.

drink 2 liters water a day

2. Acid and alkaline regulation can affect the birth of boys and girls?

Myth: The X sperm that gives birth to a girl is acid-resistant, and the Y sperm that gives birth to a boy is alkali-resistant, this is the argument that acid and alkaline conditioning affects the birth of a boy and a girl.

Experts explain:

Bai Xiaoxia, director of the obstetrics and Gynecology Department of Zhejiang University College of Medicine, said she often encountered some expectant parents asking whether regulating the body’s pH can determine whether to give birth to a boy or a girl. In this view, Director Bai thinks it is unreasonable, “I will never use this to guide patients”.

Boys and girls are determined by the X and Y chromosomes. Boys have XY chromosomes and girls have XX chromosomes. “The key is whether X is stronger or Y is stronger, and that’s really random. How can you change it by pH?” Director Bai explained.

Director Bai also heard that “there are pregnant women with alkaline water to wash the vagina,” but this is actually very bad practice. “The vagina itself has its own internal environment, if the lactobacillus is washed away with alkaline water, it may get sick instead. In addition, the vagina has its own adjustment function, even if it is washed with alkaline water for a short time, it may return to the original acid and alkaline state after a while.”

acid and alkaline regulation can affect the birth of boys and girls

In fact, the pH of body fluids is fixed and will not change because of what you eat. Changing the pH of your body successfully means you are going to get sick.

Lou Xiangming, the chief physician of Hangzhou Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, also believes that it is a myth to affect boys and girls by changing the pH of the body at conception. There is no scientific basis for this, it’s just “folklore”. “The birth of a boy or a girl is an accidental event that cannot be controlled by man.”

3. The uric acid of gout patients is on the high side, can drinking alkaline baking soda water improve?

Myth: According to the acid and alkaline theory, the uric acid index of patients with gout is high, and baking soda water is alkaline, so drinking baking soda water can regulate uric acid.

Experts explain:

“Gout is mainly caused by high levels of uric acid in the blood,” said Jiang Jinsong, director of the vascular surgery department at Zhejiang Provincial People’s Hospital. “After drinking soda, it goes into the digestive tract, not directly into the blood, so it doesn’t make any sense if even a gout patient is soaked in lye.”

Jiang believes that the human body’s blood pH is constant between 7.35 and 7.45, and has nothing to do with drinking soda or not. Human body pH refers to the strength of the acidity of body fluids. Body fluids include blood, urine, saliva, gastric juice, and so on. Different body fluids have slightly different pH values, but the so-called acid and alkaline theory does not distinguish body fluids.

basic baking soda water

4. Is an acidic body more likely to cause cancer?

Myth: Tumor patients are naturally acidic.

Experts explain:

“It’s actually a myth.” “Tumor cells don’t like acidity. Tumor cells spit out acid, and since they can’t transport it out, they build up a ring of acidic metabolites around them. So just because cancer cells are surrounded by acid doesn’t mean cancer patients are acidic, and doesn’t mean cancer cells like it.”

Song Linglan mentioned that there is no acidic constitution, people will always be weak alkaline.

tumor patients

5. Are the acid and alkali food lists spread online reliable or not?

Myth: Food is divided into acid and alkaline, eating different food can change the human body’s acid-alkaline.

Experts explain:

‘Stomach acid normally stays at a PH of 2, so anything that enters the digestive tract, even if it’s alkaline, becomes acidic, and when it gets in the gut, it becomes alkaline again when it’s alkaline by the intestinal juices and bile.

Chyme changes its acidity and alkalinity according to the mixed digestive juices, including gastric acid, bile, duodenal juice, pancreatic juice, etc. So there is no food that changes the pH of the body.” Song Lingnan said.

The acid alkalinity of food has nothing to do with the pH value of its own, the food that taste is acid is not necessarily acidic food, basically be food after digestion, absorption, metabolism, becomes acidic or alkaline material in the human body finally to define. Those that produce acid substances become acidic foods, such as animal viscera, muscle, and plant seeds (pentagalea grains). Produce alkaline material to become alkaline food, such as vegetables, melons, beans, tea, etc.

acid and alkali food lists

“Acidic substances are substances containing elements such as phosphorus, sulfur, and chlorine, and alkaline substances are elements such as potassium, sodium, calcium, and magnesium.” Song Linglan believes that the reason why we advocate eating more alkaline food is that alkaline food, represented by vegetables and fruits, is rich in dietary fiber and low in fat, which is in line with the low-fat, low-sugar, and high-fiber diet we advocate at present.

“Especially in the current meat-based diet, eating more fruits and vegetables can increase the soluble dietary fiber in the intestinal tract, accelerate fat metabolism, reduce fat accumulation, and reduce the occurrence of hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, and hypertension. At the same time, it can accelerate the excretion of feces in the intestine, reduce the repeated absorption and utilization of toxic and harmful substances in the intestine, improve the intestinal environment, and provide a good living space for intestinal probiotics.” Song linglan said that with the overall health of the internal environment of the intestinal tract, the incidence of tumors in the intestinal tract decreased.

On the other hand, many diseases are now associated with eating too much fatty food, so acidic foods are not recommended.

Generally speaking, it is impossible to improve physical fitness through food, but improper food consumption will cause damage to human organs. For example, taking too much soda can cause damage to the stomach lining. If the stomach acid is too high, eating meat soup will make the stomach acid higher. On the contrary, alkaline vegetable soup can neutralize the stomach acid and adjust properly.

Properties and effects of water at various pH values

In daily life, water in different places and different kinds of water have different pH values, that is, acidity and alkalinity. So what are the characteristics and functions of water with various pH values?
Please look at the table below:

AlkalineNeutral Acidic
Sterilization and cleaningCleaningDrinkTap waterWash the faceSterilization

When the pH is less than 5, it is a strong acid, which can kill bacteria and viruses. But the lower the pH value is very harmful to the human body, with strong corrosion.

And when the pH value is between 5 and 6, this kind of weak acid water is more suitable for bathing, because the surface skin of the human body is a weak acid, so this kind of water is to protect the weak acid environment of the skin and then achieve the effect of skincare. So washing your face at ordinary times put less vinegar in the water can play a role in skincare.

At a pH of 7, it’s neutral water, so you can drink it, bathe in it, and so on.

pH value of 8 to 9, It is the most suitable for drinking water, the human body to maintain alkaline, the acidic constitution is easy to produce lesions. Drink more alkaline water, which is of great benefit to human health.

testing water ph at home

When the pH value is between 10 and 11, the alkaline water at this time has a certain washing ability, which can remove oil stains, but the cleaning ability is not high.

pH value of more than 12, belongs to the strong alkaline water, alkaline water can be sterilization, disinfection, cleaning, and decontamination. It is a safe, green, environmentally friendly cleaning supply. However, when the pH value is 12.5, the alkaline water has reached the best combination point of safety and performance. At this time, the alkaline water has no irritation to human skin and eyes and is harmless to the mouth, but its sterilization, disinfection, decontamination, and other functions can still achieve good results. If alkalinity continues to increase, some products increase to 13.1. At this point, alkaline water has a strong irritation, moderate to human skin, and mild to human eyes, but it is still harmless to the mouth.

healthy water

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Jennifer Wang

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