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problems in clean floor heating pipes

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Floor heating is one of the most comfortable heating methods so far. The indoor surface temperature is uniform, and the room temperature gradually decreases from bottom to top, giving people the comfort of warm feet and cool head, which is in line with the fitness theory of “warm feet and cool top” in traditional Chinese medicine.

floor heating pipes distribution

Many people don’t understand why they pay to clean the plumbing, which is fine and watertight.

In fact, it is not well known that if the floor heating pipes are not cleaned, they will lead to many serious consequences, which will affect the use of home heating, not only reducing the operating efficiency but also breeding harmful microorganisms and bacteria to the human body, so What’s the difference before and after cleaning the floor heating pipe?

blocked floor heating pipes inside

FAQ About Floor Heating Pipeline Cleaning

1、Isn’t the design life of heating pipe more than 50 years? Why are you cleaning it?

A: Actually there is no problem for geothermal pipes to take 50 years or even 100 years. But the plumbing water contains a lot of materials, can be broadly divided into two categories: one is minerals, water temperature changes will make calcium, magnesium ion combined to form dirt; the other is microbes, boiler water in 30 degrees Celsius above, the water will produce some floc, the formation of biological slime. In addition, the inherent shape of the geothermal coil pipe is complex and the pipe is long. After a certain period of time, it will form a pipe scale.

dirty floor pipes

2. Do I need to clean my house when the floor heating works well?

A: it needs cleaning. in cities, there are two heating methods, floor heating, and radiator heating, so the water temperature is higher (floor heating water temperature should be around 55 degrees, traditional heating water temperature around 85 degrees). As a result, the home temperature of the users of floor heating is higher, and some users of floor heating turn the water supply valve down or off, which makes the water flow in the floor heating pipes slow down and form pipe deposits, which are more likely to cause pipe embolism, all the more reason to clean it.

3. How often should floor heating pipes be cleaned?

A: Generally about two years for professional cleaning, heating life more than 2 heating period on the need for regular maintenance and maintenance. It is recommended to clean once after entering the house, some unprofessional floor heating construction, there will be impurities, stones, cement in the pipeline, serious non-installation of the filter screen, it is easy to cause the geothermal pipeline blockage in a short time.

blocked floor heating pipe lines 1

4. When can the plumbing be cleaned?

A: can be cleaned all year round, after the heating is the best time to stop cleaning, timely heating of the pipeline to form the dirt, bio-slime, impurities, and bacteria thoroughly removed. It is recommended that in order to prevent the formation of sediment in the pipeline and cause pipeline embolism, the floor heating pipes should be kept clean for the next heating period.

5. How many ways can you clean the floor heating pipes?

A: there are many ways to clean the floor heating, such as tap water washing, chemical washing, high-pressure projectile cleaning, pulse spiral wave, and citric acid cleaning.

blocked floor pipes

6. What is the effect of uncleaned floor heating pipes?

A.: According to statistics, in the heating process, each increase of 1 mm of dirt on the inner wall of the geothermal pipe will reduce the environmental temperature by 6 °C, which not only affects the normal temperature but also causes the waste of energy.

cleaning effct and dirty silt in pipe
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Jennifer Wang

Hi, I’m Jennifer Wang, the funder of Joygino.com, I’ve been running a factory in China that makes water pipe cleaning equipment for 10 years now, and the purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge related to pipeline cleaning from a Chinese supplier’s perspective.

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