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water pipes dimension

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DN15(1/2“)、DN20(3/4 “)、DN25(1 “)、DN32(1 1/4)、DN40(1 1/2”)、DN50(2”)、DN65(2 1/2”)、DN80(3”)、DN100(4”)、DN125(5”)、DN150(6”)、DN200(8”)、DN250(10 “)etc.

Inches are indicated by two strokes in the upper right corner, such as 1/2″

DN(mm)InchOuter Dia.(mm)Approx. inner Dia.(mm)Wall Thickness(mm)Equivalent to seamless tube (mm)
321 1\542.25323.25/438
401 1\248403.5/4.2545
702 1\275.5704/4.7576

Water Pipe Material Classification

According to the material, the water pipes can be divided into metal pipes, composite pipes, and plastic pipes.

Metal Pipes

  • Galvanized Pipe: This kind of water pipe is easy to produce rust and dirt after use. The water that comes out not only pollutes sanitary ware and breeds bacteria but also has a high metal content in the water, which is harmful to human health. It is now banned by the state as a drinking water pipe.
galvanized pipe
  • Copper Pipe: corrosion-resistant, if the use of an ordinary pipe connection for a long time there will be leakage, but the adoption of a welding process connection will solve the problem of leakage.
copper application 1
  • Stainless steel pipe: excellent corrosion resistance, hygiene, no rust, no scaling, no foreign matter, self-cleaning, long service life, environmental protection, 100% recycling, the water quality will not cause secondary pollution, is one of the best pipeline transportation materials, the future to replace other material pipeline chances are very large.
stainless steel water pipes

Composite pipes

  • Aluminum-plastic pipe: once upon is very popular, construction convenient, has a good insulation performance, the wall is not easy to corrosion, but not suitable for buried underground, clip joint connection is easy to lead to leakage.
  • Copper plastic pipe: similar to aluminum-plastic pipes, generally about 3 meters long, but more joints, easy to produce patina.
  • Steel-plastic pipe: steel-plastic pipe is the upgrade of the traditional galvanized pipe products, health, non-toxic, non-fouling, corrosion-resistant, smooth pipe wall, and long service life.

Plastic Pipes

  • UPVC pipe: the interface is generally bonded with adhesive, frost resistance, and heat resistance is not good, so hot and cold water pipes are rarely used, PVC pipe is suitable for electrical pipelines and sewage pipes.
upvc pipe
  • PPR pipe: a kind relatively ideal water pipe nowadays, non-toxic, corrosion-resistant, hot-melt seamless connection, can be used for hot and cold water pipes, can also be buried, but difficult to install, easy to generate leakage problem.
ppr water supply pipe
  • PE-RT pipe: this pipe performs excellent at heat resistance, and can be used in ISO10508 specified in all levels of use of hot water pipes, often used as hot water pipes.
  • PPH pipe: This pipe is often used for sewage, wastewater, and stormwater pipes, but welding is recommended in installation.
  • PEX pipe: this kind of pipe has good pressure resistance, wide temperature resistance, acid, and alkali corrosion resistance, can be used to transport chemicals, no scaling, has easy installation, long service life, the biggest disadvantage is that it can not be welded, so not suitable for heating applications.
pex pipe
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