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The COVID-19 has improved the development of the health industry, more and more people pay attention to drinking water safety. As we know, the process of tap water to residents’ houses has to go through multiple links, including public pipes, water tanks, water towers, and household water pipes. They are in the dark for a long time and are ignored completely even if they have not been cleaned for a long time.

Especially for the tap water pipes, the dark and humid environment is particularly prone to breed harmful bacteria and algae and accumulate the corpses of insects and ants. The old pipes will also appear to rust corrosion and fall off.  At the end of the pipe, it is easy to deposit dirt after the pressure and water flow are reduced, and water pipe cleaning has become a new method to improve the water quality.

Why do the water pipes need to be cleaned?

Normally, for houses that have been built for more than five years, the wall of the water pipes will begin to corrode and produce water rust. As time goes by, the rust and fouling will become more serious. The plastic pipe will begin to adsorb microorganisms after warm water, and gradually form a biofilm attached to the pipe wall inner. When the water is still in the water pipe, the bacteria and germs in the biofilm will gradually be released into the water. The longer the water soaks in the pipe, the more bacteria and germs will be.

pipe cleaning machine for sale

1. Popularization of the water pipes

China’s water supply industry has been developing slowly since the 1870s. When we were young, almost all the countryside still needed to go to the well to fetch water and carry water back manually. It was not until the end of the 19th century that the domestic water pipe was really popularized. So the popularity of household water pipes only began 20-30 years ago.

Popularization of the water pipes

2. Industrial development and water quality are different from before

The dirty degree of the tap water pipe is also closely related to the quality of tap water. In the past, there were fewer problems of environmental pollution. The water quality of water sources is much better than now. The impact of good water quality on water pipes is relatively small, such as scale is more difficult to produce. There are fewer bacteria in the water pipe, so the impact on the tap water is relatively small. But now, all kinds of pollution problems occur frequently. We often see some reports of water pollution incidents, such as the “red water irrigation” incident in the past few months. As the water quality becomes worse, the water pipes are more likely to contain dirt and scale. Therefore, regular home water pipes cleaning is necessary to keep the water transportation environment clean.

3. Information dissemination and cognition

In addition, although many people don’t know it, the drinking water problem exists. Although it is the era of the Internet, information transmission is very fast, but unless sudden or large-scale events are reported in the news, probably no one will casually publish their family’s illness on the Internet one by one to let everyone know, but there are not a few cases of illness due to drinking unclean water.

4. Improvement of health awareness

Moreover, the impact of secondary pollution of tap water on human health is cumulative, rather than a hair trigger, so when sick, few people will suspect the cause of household water pipe pollution. However, it is a fact that the water pipe will be dirty for a long time. It is also a fact that dirty water pipes will cause secondary pollution to tap water. Drinking dirty water for a long time will lead to the decline of body resistance, which is the cause of disease. In the past, we didn’t clean the water pipes because we didn’t have this health awareness. But now we know that we should take precautions and deal with them as soon as possible.

5. Lack of domestic water pipe cleaning technology

Finally, there is a lack of water pipe cleaning equipment and methods. Water pipe cleaning is a rising industry in recent years. Ten years ago, there is no water pipe cleaning equipment in China. If you want to clean the water pipe by hand, it is very difficult. After all, the layout of the domestic water pipe is complex, and some of the water pipes are buried in the wall, so it is impossible to remove them for cleaning, and there is no advanced pipeline cleaning technology to clean it.

But now, with the cleaning technology development, through the most advanced spiral pulse cleaning technology, the machine can effectively remove the dirty things in the water pipe, indirectly maintain the water pipe, reduce the pollution on the inner wall of the water pipe, and effectively solve the problem of secondary pollution of the water pipe in the home.

What Can Cleaning Water Supply Pipes Intercept For The Body?

In recent years, water safety accidents occur frequently, and water sanitation has been paid more and more attention. How can residents judge the water quality dirty or not at home? Is there any pollution? Water manager teaches you a small way to detect: *wrap your home faucet with gauze, and you will get the answer in half a month!

There must be many people marveling, why is it used every day but not found?

Because this dirt is deposited in the daily water, not only that, you can use a rag to wipe the inner wall of the tap to try, a lot of dirt is slowly accumulated in places you can’t see!

We all know that although tap water has reached the national drinking standard when it leaves the factory, there are still great safety risks in direct drinking. Because the tap water is distributed along the whole water supply line, from the waterworks to the water supply network system, the storage tank (water tower, water tank) to the faucet, there are many intermediate links in the whole transportation process, which is long and complex, and all need to rely on the water pipe to complete.

What does the inner wall of the water pipe look like?

The water pipes that are thought to be washed every day are like this:

cleaning copper water pipes

In fact, 90 percent of them are:

At this stage, the domestic water supply network, especially the old pipes, are mostly galvanized pipes and copper iron pipes. After several years of use, different impurities accumulated in the aging pipes are easy to rust, leading to high lead content, especially in the welding places, and the dirt layer is easy to cause secondary pollution to the tap water. The tap water flows through such a pipe every day, can you rest assured to let the children drink?

In order to solve the secondary pollution in the process of water transportation, the cleaning water supply pipes service is gradually introduced into the home of the common people. For this new healthy way, many people are in a wait-and-see attitude. The price of cleaning water supply services is not low, is it worth it?

Take an example

Buy an air conditioner takes about 500USD, which will be used about three months every year; buy a washing machine takes around 700USD, which can be washed once or twice a day at most; buy an LCD TV takes about 900USD, which can be used several hours a day, and clean the water pipes takes more than 100USD, which can ensure the water safety of your whole family 24 hours a year, not only improve the pipe life but also protect your health. Is it worth it?

If you want to join in the water supply pipes cleaning services business by yourself and need the best metal pipe cleaner, contact our customer services for detailed information!

No One Knows About Pipeline Cleaning Services Business? Water Bureau, Residential Property Are Cleaning!

In recent years, many entrepreneurs are eager to try the fire of the pipeline cleaning services industry, at the same time, some people are asking “no one knows water pipe cleaning?” “Is it really necessary to clean it?”

Actually, water pipes are not only cleaned by individuals but also cleaned regularly by local water bureaus, water supply companies, and residential properties.

Xi'an water company cleaning pipeline

(Xi’an water pipe cleaning pipeline notice)

According to the regulations on the administration of urban secondary water supply, the property right unit of secondary water supply shall ensure that the facilities and equipment are in good condition, and establish and improve the cleaning and disinfection system. Water supply facilities (reservoirs, water tanks, pipes, valves, etc.) should be cleaned once or twice a year.

washing pipe network of water supply service of Yinchuan Railway

(Notice of cleaning pipe network of water supply service of Yinchuan Railway)

Water-supply network in flushing area of Zhanjiang water group

(Water-supply network in flushing area of Zhanjiang water group)

Washing urban water supply network by Wanyuan Water Department of Sichuan investment water

(Washing urban water supply network by Wanyuan Water Department of Sichuan investment water)

In the water quality announcement on the official website of the water supply company, according to the national testing items, the water in the pipe network is listed as one of the items to test whether the water quality is up to the standard, which is publicized regularly every month.

Water quality announcement of Nanjing Water Group

(Water quality announcement of Nanjing Water Group)

In addition to the Water Bureau cleaning, the residential property will arrange the cleaning of the secondary water supply pool and the main water supply pipeline every three to six months.

Notice on property cleaning of secondary water supply facilities

(Notice on property cleaning of secondary water supply pipe facilities)

In order to prevent the secondary water supply from being polluted again, the state explicitly stipulates that the water supply units should clean the water pipes. This is not only the guarantee of water safety for residents but also the future development and popularization trend of pipeline cleaning services.

Public pipes are cleaned, but domestic water pipes have become a blind area for cleaning. Water pipe cleaning is a service for this market shortage and demand. At present, it is still an emerging industry, and the regional markets have not been fully developed. Take the water main distribution platform, for example, there are often customers who want to clean water pipes, but there are no local cleaning masters, which also shows that the water pipe cleaning service personnel are in shortage.

If you need to purchase the water pipe cleaning equipment.

6 Misunderstanding of Water Pipe Cleaning

There are more and more new diseases caused by water pollution, drinking water pollution has become the most important water environmental problem. People pay more and more attention to the safety of drinking water.

Misunderstanding 1: the water has been disinfected by the waterworks, there is no problem definitely!

At present, chlorination is mostly used in waterworks disinfection, mainly to kill bacteria in water, but some toxic heavy metal substances can not be completely removed. And the tap water to the user’s home needs to go through a long water pipeline, which will inevitably cause secondary pollution. According to the data, the quality of the factory water to the user’s home has decreased significantly.

pipeline cleaning procedure

Misunderstanding 2: after installing a water purifier, the water is clean enough.

The water purifier can only guarantee the safety of the water quality passing by. It is impossible to install water purifiers in every place of the home. How can the health of the place without a water purifier be guaranteed? Moreover, the water purifier can not completely remove the harmful substances in tap water and water pipes.

Misunderstanding 3: it’s ok when the water turns clear.

When the tap water turns yellow, many people feel it’s ok when the water turns clear. The yellow water may be caused by the rust and yellowing of the water pipe or the accumulation of sediment. The water flow only discharges the rust water on the surface, and the uneven pipe wall, rust, and other dirt are easy to accumulate. If it is not cleaned, it will threaten health all the time.

best tub cleaner for stains

Misunderstanding 4: if the main pipe is not cleaned, what’s the use of cleaning your home pipe?

The main pipeline has high water flow and pressure, and it flows 24 hours a day, which can play a certain scouring effect. Moreover, the municipal government cleans the main pipeline every six months or once a year, and the property pipeline cleans every three months or half a year. However, the water pipe in the home has never been cleaned because of aging and rusting.

Misunderstanding 5: only the water pipes in the old community need to be cleaned.

According to the investigation, the old water pipes are polluted to varying degrees, and harmful substances such as green algae, moss, bacteria, scale, sand, rust, heavy metals, and so on will accumulate in the pipes. Experts suggest that it is necessary to clean the dirt of the water pipes at least once a year.

Misunderstanding 6: water pipe cleaning services is useless

It can purify the drinking water, remove the harmful substances in the pipe, solve the problem of aging and blocking of the pipe, reduce the damage of the dirt in the water to the water-related electrical appliances in the home, reduce the decaying pollution of the water pipe, and prevent the aging, falling into the water and bursting of the pipe.

The long-term use of unclean water pipes has accumulated many harmful substances to the human body, such as dirt, viruses, and heavy metals. If you didn’t clean it in time, they will be equal to chronic poison, slowly eroding people’s health!

How to keep water pipes clean?

Got water coming from a natural water source? There’s no guarantee that water will remain pure when you finally get it from the faucet. In order to keep water quality, water pipes maintenance is important. Rusted pipes seep copper and lead into your water supply, causing serious health problems if not properly filtering. Additionally, to avoid leaks and other problems that can cost thousands to repair, you may take the suggestions as follows to keep your pipes.

1. Soften the water If you live in an area with hard water

High mineral content will shorten the life of your water pipelines. The minerals build up in the pipelines over time, increasing the blocking. They can also corrode pipeline joints even.

A great solution is installing a water purifier to break down the minerals. Though it will take some cost, the long-term benefits are worth it. Combined with a reverse-osmosis water filter system, you can get the purest water to your house.

2. Avoid Rough Chemical Solutions

Although it seems like a much cheaper method than to call the plumber, relying on store-bought liquids to unclog drains can do long-term damage to your pipeline.

To avoid having to resort to these methods in the first place, be smart about how you use the garbage disposal in the kitchen. Never put anything fibrous in the disposal such as potato skins or hair. Also, run cold water for at least 15 seconds to make sure all the ground-up bits get flushed down the mainline.

3. Lower the Pressure

If you live in a place with especially cold winters, you need to make sure that you have proper insulation on your pipes so they won’t burst.

Self-adhering foam tape is a cheap and easy option. Besides, insulated caps on exterior water valves are an easy way to prevent freezing from getting in the inside of your pipes. A neat trick for sprinkler systems is to use compressed air to clear out any extra water in preparation for a cold snap.

When it comes to the health of your water pipeline, only fewer people consider their water pressure to be a potential danger. Having stable high pressure can put a huge strain on your pipes, causing the joints, taps, and appliance valves to all work harder so they can keep up.

You can measure what pressure your water is. If your pressure is significantly higher than the regular value, you should consider hiring a plumber to install a pressure reducer.

4. Order water pipe cleaning services

This service is still new, some of the plumbers provide this kind of service with the professional domestic water inlet pipe washing machine, we advise you to clean your home pipes once a year at least.

Taking the time to take action some of these techniques of water pipes maintenance will only help to expand the life of your water pipes so that you can have consistently clean water flowing all through your house.

How to choose water pipe cleaning equipment and suppliers? What are the minefields?

If you want to start a new project or business, you must make the necessary preparations for it. In the water pipe cleaning industry, the beginning is simple, but the quality of equipment varies, some cheap equipment quality is not good, so the cleaning effect is poor. In order to do a good job of water pipe cleaning services, you need to purchase good quality equipment. Furthermore, the quality of the equipment related to the effect of pipe cleaning and cleaning safety. But what is the best water pipe cleaning equipment?

1. Quality

-Firstly, look at the appearance.

Sometimes the quality can be seen through the appearance. For example, the poor quality equipment is made of plastic materials, while the equipment of good quality is made of better materials, for example, the main body of water manager water pipe cleaning machine using the LCD screen and touch screen, the panel is 304 stainless steel, aviation aluminum box, accessories choose 304 stainless steel materials, equipment quality is good, service life is 10-15 years.

Secondly, check the qualifications.

The equipment that has passed the national or the European Union inspection is guaranteed, so when you know about the products, you can see whether the equipment has the patent certificate, CE, RoHS, or ISO-9001.

Last but not least, check the factory.

Some manufacturers do not have their own production plants, using OEM products, or imitation, assembly equipment, although the surface looks like regular products, is inferior products, regardless of the cleaning effect, what will you do if occurred the safety accident? Therefore, the purchase of products in quality must increase efforts to check, to choose the purchase of formal enterprises.

water pipe cleaning factory

2. Price

The market price of various water pipe cleaning equipment varies, about 500-2000USD. But will you choose the cheap one or the middle-priced one? If you care about quality, please respect its price. If you want a cheap one, please don’t expect high quality. The saying “You get what you pay for” is not without reason.

3. Brand

Good brand image and high brand awareness will help promote the business development of water pipe cleaners, therefore, for franchisees in the choice, it is best to choose relatively well-known water pipe cleaning equipment manufacturers, such as water mains. So what does a brand cover?

Brand awareness

From the consumer behavior analysis, generally, most consumers choose the more famous brand in the market, the better reputation of the brand, those relatively small, or less heard of the brand, generally less to consider.

When the brand was launched

The earlier the company is established, the longer the product is on the market, indicating that the company has more experience and more depth. And those newborn enterprises, their own entrepreneurial road are at the exploratory stage, how-to guide the Franchisee Entrepreneurship?

4. Service

The more perfect the after-sales service system, the more easy the cleaning work of franchisees, For example, early operation knowledge, art design, business case, late technical support, and so on. And there is “One-to-one” technical support, you can timely docking cleaning service problems, so that franchisees in order not to panic, no worries and so on. So when the franchisee is the choice, to compare the manufacturer’s after-sales service support. Of course, there are also some suppliers who claim to have various service policies in order to promote their products. However, after the deal was concluded, they left it alone, making it difficult for people to express their bitterness. Therefore, franchisees can also learn more about brand word of mouth, understand the true support of the manufacturer and make the choice after the sale.

5. Company size

The larger the company, the more power to support the franchisee. For example, a company with only 10 people, after deducting the administrative staff is the sales staff, there are other people can be responsible for your technology and art and other after-sales services? But if a company has a team of nearly 100 people, in addition to art and technical support can be put in place, there are other efforts in charge of technology R & D and updating, constantly enhancing the strength of the company, and constantly improving the reputation of the brand, side for the promotion of franchisee support.

joygino company

The more perfect the after-sales service system, the more easy the cleaning work of franchisees, For example, early operation knowledge, art design, business case, late technical support, and so on. And there is “One-to-one” technical support, you can timely docking cleaning service problems, so that franchisees in order not to panic, no worries and so on. So when the franchisee is the choice, to compare the manufacturer’s after-sales service support. Of course, there are also some suppliers who claim to have various service policies in order to promote their products. However, after the deal was concluded, they left it alone, making it difficult for people to express their bitterness. Therefore, franchisees can also learn more about brand word of mouth, understand the true support of the manufacturer and make the choice after the sale.

Is water pipe cleaning a good start-up project?

In recent years, water pipe cleaning quietly rising, many people are excited about this new business and want to join this project, however, people are not familiar with it, so is water pipe cleaning a good start-up project after all?

1. How is the market? How much investment will it take? How much investment will it take?

At this stage, drinking water pipe cleaning is still a new industry with a huge potential market. According to data, among the more than 450 million households in China, 90% of them use tap water pipes. Approximately 96% of these families have housed more than 5 years old, and they have not even been cleaned for more than 3 years. The huge number of households means huge market demand, and where there are water pipes, there are potential customers that can be tapped.

At present, the coverage rate of water pipe cleaning in the world is less than 10%. Under the premise of increasing demand from residents, professional pipe cleaning service business personnel are in short supply.

Large demand and a huge market.

The rust, scale, and dirt deposited in the water pipe may cause secondary water pollution and affect people’s normal use of water. Many people have found that the faucet water flow becomes slow, yellow water flows out with a bad smell. They even feel dry and itchy after every bath, and rust water, moss, and red thread insects also flow out. The demand for cleaning dirty water pipes is obvious.

Cleaning the water pipes usually cannot be done by the common people. It takes professional equipment and professional operators/ plumber to clean the dirt on the inner wall of the water pipe. Therefore, water pipe cleaning services are produced.

domestic pipeline cleaning

As a “blue ocean” market with a low degree of development, an increasing number of users, and broad prospects, water pipe cleaning service urgently needs to be fully developed.

Take the ordinary cities as an example to analyze the marketing revenue as follows:

The urban area is divided into 1000 districts with 500 families in each district, and the resident recognition rate is calculated as 30%;

Number of customers in urban areas:

100050030%=150000 families(Each customer cleaning cycle is one-year );

It is charged at an average cost of 100USD per household, and the market capacity of a city is:150000*100USD/families=15,000,000 USD

Every house needs water pipe cleaning every year, which can be operated as a long-term business.

How much investment will it take?

To buy cleaning equipment, one-time investment is 500-2000USD only, consumables are very low, only transportation and labor costs; simple operation, no gender, age, education level requirements; one person can operate; no need to rent an office even; You can do the cleaning business as part-time work as a plumber. At the same time, you can provide other services, such as housekeeping, installation, property management, etc.

pipeline cleaning companies

How much money you can make?

One set of equipment: serve 4 families a day (serve 2 families in the morning and 2 families in the afternoon)

Service for 20 days a month, 100USD per family

Monthly turnover:4 families/Day*20 days *100USD/family=8000 USD

(All figures are subject to the actual situation of each place. This calculation is for reference only)

In addition, the water pipe cleaner can also be used to clean the water pipes of hotels, hospitals, schools, hot springs, and other places. The cleaning of these commercial projects can quickly increase the revenue of water pipe cleaning services.

2. Pipe cleaning technology

Rx-3000 is one of the most advanced types of equipment among all the water pipe cleaning machines on the market at present. It uses the patented CACS cleaning technology. Low-pressure cleaning is one of the outstanding features of this equipment. Compared with high-pressure cleaning, the cleaning pressure is only 0.2-0.3mpa, which is equivalent to water supply pressure, safe, and no pipe burst. Moreover, the equipment can clean all types of water pipes, which is more suitable for commercial and domestic water pipe cleaning! Before cleaning, there is a leak detection function to detect whether there is leakage in the pipeline, so as to avoid damage to old water pipes to ensure the safety of cleaning!

pipeline cleaning technology

Furthermore, customers can see the cleaning effect visually, and the improvement of water quality is immediate. Customers pay for the visible effect, which is easy to promote. Houses over five years old need to be cleaned regularly once a year.

3. Simple to operate, one labor is needed only.

The high-tech spiral pulse cleaning technology can clean dirty water pipes efficiently and safely. The whole process of remote control operation, one key operation of water pipe cleaning equipment, easy to learn, easy to carry out business.

pipe cleaning case
  • It can be operated by only one labor, with low operating cost and low entrepreneurial burden to startup the pipeline cleaning companies.
  • The time of water pipe cleaning service is flexible, and the time can be arranged by yourself; it is a good choice to start a sideline business with low cost, and a new method to stabilize the extra income.
  • The whole process is automatic, 100% no need to dismantling the pipes, 100% no need to break the wall.

4. Eco-friendly, 100% residue-free

The cleaning chemical we recommend is food-grade citric acid.

The main function of citric acid during pipe cleaning is to soften the dirts and improve the cleaning efficiency.

What is citric acid?

Citric acid is a natural component that can be found in the human body, as well as in many fruits and vegetables. When present in the body, this chemical goes through the process of being metabolized, degraded, and eliminated. Although it is an acid, it also works as an acidity regulator and has the ability to actually decrease the level of acidity in body fluids. Additionally, citric acid is one of the main ingredients found in the food and beverage industry because it is healthy, cheap, adds flavor, and can easily be obtained in large quantities.

And we choose food-grade citric acid, which is much more safe and harmless than industrial citric acid.

Food-grade Citric Aicd Pipe Cleaner Chemical

Note.: because citric acid is hard to export/ import, you can buy it directly from your local shop.

If you couldn’t find food-grade citric acid in your local, you can also use your local chemical, just ensure to maintain the machine after cleaning in case it will leave in the machine connectors.

Besides, if your customer worries about the safety of citric acid, you can do not use any chemical, just use water to clean it, the cleaning effect will be good also.

4. More Functions Of Water Pipe Cleaner

In fact, the water pipe cleaning machine can not only clean the commercial & residential tap water pipes. The pipes served include many types of pipes: water supply pipes, floor heating pipes, cold and heat exchange equipment pipes, and liquid delivery pipes. road. Of course, these pipes are all small-caliber pipes. Unlike municipal pipes, they are limited by the material and size of the water pipes. The cleaning pressure of the water pipes will inevitably not be too high, so the safety of the water pipes will not be affected. As a digression, the entire market is uneven. As a long-established provider of water pipe cleaning projects, Joygino Water Manager, the equipment provided by their project is of the first-class technical level in China. In addition to the materials and types of use of the pipes just mentioned, water pipe cleaning is often used by different manufacturers, such as food processing plants, hospitals, schools, and student dormitories, office organizations, commercial organizations, and employees dormitories, hotels, etc. The place to fetch water.

Water pipe cleaning can not only solve the problem of dirty water pipe clogging in life, improve the use of home appliances, but also solve the problem of secondary pollution of drinking water from household water pipes.

What kind of people are suitable for this project?

1. People who want to start their own businesses,It’s a great micro startup

As mentioned above, water pipe cleaning equipment can be operated by one person, low input cost, large market space, advanced technology, very suitable for individuals or small companies

2. Plumber

Plumbing tools have an inherent advantage in carrying out plumbing cleaning projects, being qualified to repair a wide range of domestic and commercial plumbing, and having many existing customers on hand to introduce plumbing services directly to those who need them, or introduced to existing customers as an additional service that adds additional revenue.

water pipes maintenance

3. Water tank cleaning services company

In addition, water tank cleaning service companies are also very suitable for the development of water pipe cleaning services, many countries are very popular in the use of water tanks, in residential areas of high-rise buildings, there will be a water tank, the water tank in residential areas not only plays the role of water storage, but also can satisfy the water pressure supply of the water heater. The water tank cleaning service company’s main service is cleaning water tanks, but only cleaning water tanks is far from enough, but also need to clean water pipes, to prevent secondary pollution of domestic water. Therefore, the water tank cleaning company can be the water pipe cleaning and tower cleaning together, do a one-stop cleaning service, to provide customers with better customer quality.

4. Someone who specializes in selling cleaning machines

Water pipe cleaning equipment is a new cleaning machine, there is a large market space and profit, therefore, for the sale of cleaning equipment companies, increase the sale of water pipe cleaning equipment is also a good way to open source.

Jennifer Wang

Jennifer Wang

Hi, I’m Jennifer Wang, the funder of Joygino.com, I’ve been running a factory in China that makes water pipe cleaning equipment for 10 years now, and the purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge related to pipeline cleaning from a Chinese supplier’s perspective.

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